Bayern Munich concept kit shows the benefit of matching shorts

With the release this week of our 2002-03 Bayern Munich jerseys, we had to make this week’s concert review a Bayern shirt. And luckily, @emmegraphic has designed three concepts that fit the bill.

The home, away and third concepts make use of crystalised and flowing patterns, to bring a different, but still unmistakably Bayern look to the Munich team. Let’s take a closer look at the Bayern Munich concept kit designs!

The Designs

Beginning with the home shirt, it, along with the away and third design, is designed with a  Condivo template, which while perhaps over-used now, still offers some interesting design points, with the Three-stripes on the side being a personal favorite element. 

But the use of a template does not limit @emmegraphic’s creativity, as the normal red of Bayern’s home shirts is impacted by an embossed crystal design which fades in from the sides of the shirt, fully forming in the centre. A common complaint with such designs can come from the fact that they do not encompass the entire shirt – as this design does not – but in the case of @emmgraphic’s choice here, it is likely the right one. That design across an entire jersey may just be a little too overpowering. 

For the away design we are given a plain white shirt intersected by a red Hecher stripe, reminiscent of PSG’s famous design. The stripe then breaks and thins as it widens, creating a differentials effect that boosts the quality of the whole shirt. 

Finally, the third shirt follows suit from the home with an embossed pattern, but where the home used sharp and solid red shapes, this design is a fluid and flowing blue, aided further by two darting lines of mustard yellow running down each side of the shirt. 

Are matching shorts always the answer? 

We cannot finish without mentioning the shorts in this concept. @emmegraphic has obviously been paying attention to the growing short game of several teams this season, because each kit in his concept design sees the shorts design matching the shirt design, with the pattern of the home shirt even embossed on the home shorts.

Bayern’s recent kits have all had matching shorts, as opposed to a contrasting colour as used by the likes of Manchester United or Arsenal. It’s a small thing, but believe us, you would notice it straight away if your team changed it’s tact, like Arsenal Women did last season.

Who is @emmegrpahic? 

@emmgraphic is an Italian designer who creates concept shirts for a variety of sports, and always brings an engaging theme with his designs, such as with this Bayern Munich concept kit range. We have featured some of his previous designs, including a Russian League collection and a beautiful Flamengo shirt. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with his latest work. 

Matt Leslie

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