Beautiful Barca & Juventus concept kits that’d be kit of the year contenders

Residency Week 4 – Europe Pt. 3

20 kits down, 4 to go.

Thank you to everyone who’s joined us for Residency! We’ve been treated to a wide range of stunning concept kits, and throughout the series I’ve never ceased to be impressed by the skill and execution of Cenk Ünal as a concept kit creator. 

Last week, things were ramping up with a heavy dose of art-inspired designs for some of the biggest club sides in world football. Today we’ll finish with some equally big clubs, including a look at a design for Cenk’s favourite team, Beşiktaş.

Barcelona City Edition concept kit

Barcelona city edition concept kit

That’s it, I think I’ve found my favourite Residency shirt.

We’ve seen some truly stunning designs, and I still need time to process them all, but this Barcelona shirt is everything I dreamt of in terms of a city edition football shirt.

The design is quintessentially Barcelona, with a major reference to the grid-like districts of the city. We’ve seen kits in real life reference this before, but never this effectively. My favourite detail though is the use of the tile aesthetic, a nod to the famous Park Güell. Alongside a double sash, we see this tile design through Nike’s side, ‘lightning bolt’ details. The side of a football shirt has never looked this good.

If the colours of this kit look familiar, it’s because we saw a similar scheme for the 2002 Barcelona away shirt. A tiny Catalan flag can be seen at the bottom right of the shirt, and a simplified crest sits neatly in the middle of the sash.

Somebody needs to pour water on this thing.

Beşiktaş City Edition concept kit

Besiktas city edition concept kit

Beşiktaş are Cenk’s favourite team, so I was expecting big things from this particular concept. He’s more than delivered.

The first thing I think of when I see this design is the Nigeria 2018 kit. This isn’t a deliberate tribute to the design, but the red and grey zig-zags remind me of the shirt which stands tall as one of the most important designs of all time. It turns out the aesthetic is actually inspired by the famous Bosphorus Bridge, which is a typically great choice from Cenk.

My other favourite detail is the “Istanbul” wordmark across the chest. The look is based on signs from the old buses of Istanbul. I’ve been really impressed with the variety of typefaces that Cenk has utilised throughout the concept kits of Residency, and it’s the sort of thing which brands ought to pay more attention to. 

Alongside the zig-zag pattern, a wonderful check design can be found at the sides and back. This look echoes the roof of the Vodafone Park Stadium.

Juventus City Edition concept kit

Juventus city edition concept kit

Juventus look SO good in blue and yellow.

Seriously. The colours are directly linked to the flag of Turin, and also their Champions League triumph in 1996. We’ve seen a few kits since then that have returned to the theme, but none as good as this.

I love how Cenk has utilised the yellow stripes on the shoulders, in a subtle nod to the stars on the shoulders of the ‘96 kit. The redesigned crest is a bold move, given how similar it is to rivals Torino, but honestly I can look past that given the final result. And then there’s the stunning all-over pattern, which melds stars and stripes and the club name. 

It’s the sort of aesthetic where more and more things jump out at you the longer you look at it, and if you’ve been following my comments during Residency, you’ll know that’s a very good thing in my book.

Liverpool City Edition concept kit

Nothing says Liverpool like The Beatles, and Cenk has rightly tapped into that most appropriate of sources for this city edition kit. It starts with the colours, which come from the Beatles themed ‘Fab4 Cafe”. If you’re particularly eagle-eyed too, you might even notice some lyrics within the side details of the shirt, “I’m The Greatest”, a song from Ringo Starr (and a fair claim for Liverpool fans to make this season…).

In one of the best font choices of the series, we have “Liverpool” written in the style of the iconic Beatles typeface. This isn’t just a Beatles tribute shirt though, we also have a pattern nodding to the Shankly gates.

2020 will be the first season of the new Liverpool x Nike partnership, and if this shirt came out as a third or fourth kit as part of the collection, a lot of people would be happy.

So there we have it. With this edition, we have our full collection of Residency concept kits. 24 bespoke concepts inspired by the NBA’s city edition jerseys.

A huge thank you to everyone who’s followed us through the series. And of course, we would be nowhere without the wonderful talents of Cenk Ünal.

We’re not quite done with Residency, as we’ll be bringing you some wrap-up content including a video from yours truly ranking all the concept kits we’ve seen, and a further interview with Cenk to talk about his design process. As always, the best way to keep up to date with our content is to follow us on Twitter and Insta.

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