Jack Lang’s favourite Manchester United will remind you of the Theatre of Dreams

We caught up with Jack Lang, features editor at the Mirror, to talk about ageing Manchester United shirts, France World Cup shirts and Ronaldinho scoring optical illusions for Barcelona.  

What was your first football shirt?

1996/97 CANTONA #7 Manchester United shirt

I was given the full Manchester United 1996/97 home strip for my birthday as a kid. The shirt hasn’t aged very well… the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ text right in the middle at the bottom seems especially odd.  Plus, there was a button on the collar that used to dig into your skin when you controlled the ball with your chest.  Not ideal.

What is your favourite football shirt?

Zidane in France shirt

I’ve got a huge soft spot for France’s kit at the 1998 World Cup, but I think they actually perfected the formula a year or two later with this number. The bold red line is still there but there’s a lot less clutter on the front with those white lines removed. The collar is done well, too, which I think is where loads of football shirts fall down.

What is your favourite goal?

Ronaldinho for Barcelona against Chelsea. Not because it’s especially beautiful, but because it actually took a replay or two to work out what he’d done. It was almost an optical illusion of a goal… and it’s no wonder Carlo Cudicini couldn’t save it if TV audiences could barely understand it.

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