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February 28, 2022 3 min read

You’ve probably seen that we’re stocking Venezia’s fantastic new 2020 kits, and you may or may not have been tempted to pick one up yourself.

I’m genuinely really excited about both these kits, so much so that I thought I’d give you all 5 reasons to pick one up so you can jump aboard the hype train with me.

1. The colours are something else

A good colourway goes a long way in shirts. Whether you own 20 kits or 200 kits, a shirt with a good colour combination will immediately stand out and separate itself from the plethora of relatively plain white, black, red or blue shirts which make up so much of world football.

I can’t think of another professional team with Gli Arancioneroverdi’s (The Orange-Black-Greens) combination, and it’s not only a rare one but a beautiful one too. Italian club are well known for their timeless colour combinations (Fiorentina, the Milan clubs etc.) and Venezia, despite their relative size, deserve to be in that conversation.

2. You’ll find bespoke details

Bespoke details separate good kits from great ones, and Venezia’s kits have a couple of stunning design touches unique to them. The most obvious of these is the “Venezia Football Club” wordmark/logo on the front, in place of the sponsor. The aesthetic couldn’t be any more fitting, and it makes me wish more clubs had their name on the front of their shirts in a stylised manner like this…

Don’t miss a lovely “VFC” patch at the top of the back of the shirts either. The interlocking letters deserve nothing less than a chef’s kiss.

3. They're suitable for every occasion

Across the home and away Venezia shirts, you have something to wear for every occasion. The home is your more typical modern football shirt with a crew neck and understated aesthetic, whilst the away has the added addition of a smart collar.

Whether you’ll be wearing your shirts during a kickabout, or wearing them to a restaurant, there’s something for every occasion.

4. These shirts are rare

Rarity is an important consideration for any collector, and both these shirts are relatively rare.

Football Shirt Collective is the only place in the UK that are selling both the 2020 Venezia home shirt and the 2020 Venezia away shirt in multiple sizes. You won’t see these popping up at a discount retailer any time soon, and you’re unlikely to find these at any end of season sale either.

Of course, these shirts aren’t limited edition or anything like that, but on a scale of rarity these fall into the category above many of the other popular shirts you’ll see doing the rounds. That counts for something, if you’re deciding which kits to pick up.

5. There's free UK shipping and returns

Crucially, FSC are offering free shipping for all UK order with the code VENEZIA. Previously, your best bet for buying the shirts was going directly to the club store. Unfortunately you’ll be hit by a hefty delivery fee if you go down that route, so buying from FSC takes all the hassle away.

Speaking of no hassle, there is also free returns if you have to return for whatever reason.

Venezia shirts make up a part of our Modern Classics collection. You can browse all of our hard to get kits here

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