This Arsenal concept kit is bananas in every sense of the word

I’ve written a lot about the different concept shirts out there, and what makes the great ones stand out from the good. For some, simplicity is enough to make the design stand out, and for others a slightly more daring look could grab people’s attention.

And then, every now and again, you come across a shirt that is absolutely baffling, but also makes perfect sense as a concept design. That’s what @IL_Graphic has come up with in his recent Arsenal concept kit, as he takes the idea of the Gunners bruised banana shirt to a whole new level, pairing the London club’s design with banana producer, Chiquita.

This design was created as an entry for a recent concept competition, although it wasn’t the eventual winner.

Let’s take a closer look at the kit!

The design

By now, most people – football shirt fans or not – will be aware of the bruised banana design Arsenal wore between 1991 and 1993, with the design making a comeback last season as Arsenal’s new away kit upon their return to adidas. 

But while both iterations of the design were eye catching, neither can quite match up to @IL_graphic’s design for this concept. Abandoning the classic zig-zag design of the previous shirts, the concept is instead covered in references to the Chiquita brand, which are allowed to really stand out thanks to the colour scheme of yellow and dark blue combining perfectly. 

What is perhaps most impressive about this concept is the fact that core elements of the shirt have been kept without looking out of place. The ‘Fly Emirates’ sponsor fades into the shirt thanks to a yellow border, the Arsenal crest is linked up here with Chiquitos logo, and the famous adidas three stripes are slyly replaced with three bananas to top the design off.

What sort of concepts do you want to see?

As I have probably made quite clear already, I love this approach to concept shirt design, because it offers something totally different and is incredibly outside-the-box creative. But this approach might not be for everyone. Many may prefer to see more realistic designs on their feeds, or just a more traditional look.

The beauty is that there really is no wrong answer here. So if there are any new concept designs you have seen recently, let us know on our social channels or in the comments below!

Who is @IL_Graphic?

@IL_Graphic is an Argentinian graphic designer who has produced some great design recently, opting to design for teams and nations outside of the usual choices, including a great Chicago Red Stars top we covered recently. Keep up to date with his designs on Twitter and Instagram

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