This commentary on Cantona’s kung fu kick from Manchester United v Palace is sensational

22 years ago the most shocking moment in Premier League football occurred.  Eric Cantona playing for Manchester United away at Selhurst Park, got sent off and then kung fu kicked a Crystal Palace fan in the face.

Commentator and Robot Wars legend, Jonathan Pearce was commentating and his monologue was nothing short of sensational.  Turn the sound up and have a listen.

The mad side of genius. Cantona is dismissed! Can there be a place in the game for a man with such extravagant talent and such wicked temperament? A man who has quite rightly been dismissed. A man who has now…

OH MY GOODNESS ME. ‘He just kicked… He’s punched a fan! Eric Cantona has jumped in and scissor-kung-fu-kicked a fan!

I have never seen as disgraceful an incident as that in all my years in football. Eric Cantona should be thrown out of the game for that sort of incident.

I care not one jot about his supreme talent. He launched himself six feet into the crowd and kung-fu kicked a supporter who was, without a shadow of doubt, giving him stick.


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1995 96 Manchester United away Cantona 7


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