Flashback, Football shirts

England’s long history of utterly mental goalkeeper kits

Oh England, with your goalkeeper kits like the inside of an LSD users’ prefrontal cortex. There have been some absolutely, let’s not mince it, shocking goalie tops that we’ve had to endure as a nation. We’ve also had a few, again no mincing, shocking goalies so maybe, just sometimes they deserve each other. Let’s run through these Picasso-esque monstrosities.

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Football shirts

Weezer wearing Barcelona: 15 football shirts in music videos

Football and music.  What a combination.  There are footballers who try their hand at music – The Anfield Rap (John Barnes).  Diamond Lights (Waddle & Hoddle) – and musicians who love football (Oasis and Man City).  But very few musicians have donned football shirts in music videos.  Here are 15 of the best football shirts […]

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