Throwback Manchester United Concept Featuring David Beckham

By now, everyone knows the story. It was April 1996, and Manchester United were playing away at Southampton, wearing their grey away kit. Despite sitting at the top of the table, things were not going to plan for Manchester United, as they found themselves 3-0 down at half-time. 

Sir Alex Ferguson then took the infamous decision to blame his team’s kit for the poor first-half performance, implying that his players could not see each other due to the shirt’s dull colours. So, for the second-half United emerged from the dressing room wearing a changed blue and white shirt, and the infamous grey jersey was never to be worn again. Sir Alex’s team then ‘won’ the second half as the game finished 3-1.

This immediately cemented the shirt in football shirt folklore, and it appears to still be inspiring people today, as shown by the latest concept from @_MatiGZ. The design brings the infamous kit into the 21st century, so let’s take a closer look at the design!

Much of this concept remains untouched from the inspiration of the 1996 original, however there are several subtle changes. Grey shirts are understandably disliked because they can be perceived as dull, however, the use of a more bold and striking red adds greater energy into the overall design, bordering all of the shirt’s main features. 

And as for those features specifically, gone are the traditional Manchester United crest surrounded by a shield, and the Umbro logo. Both are replaced by the more modern updates of a colour-coded crest and adidas logo.

The collar also gets a more modern update, restricted to just the lapels, from which the adidas three stripes appear over the shoulders. 

A final mention is also due to @IL_Graphic for their effort in crafting a fully rendered David Beckham. This type of detail shows why both designers are at the absolute top of the concept game! 

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Matt Leslie

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