Arsenal Football Shirts: Our Top 5 Picks

Right not, the Football Shirt Collective are running a deal to give you 25% off everything in store, from our latest vintage kits to some glorious modern classics. With so much to choose from in store, we wanted to give Gunners fans out there a helping hand, with our Top 5 favourite Arsenal shirts in store right now.

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1991-93 Arsenal Away Shirt

Ian Wright wearing Arsenal’s Bruised Banana shirt.

Size: XL
Condition: Excellent
Price: £399.99 £299.99

Perhaps the most famous and recognisable shirt of the last 30 years? That’s an argument for another blog, but there is no denying the beauty of Arsenal’s classic Bruise Banana jersey. Synonymous with players like Ian Wright, the shirt is a cornerstone of any Gunners fan’s shirt collection.

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2011-12 Arsenal Home Shirt (HENRY 12)

Size: XXL
Condition: Excellent
Price: £89.99 £67.49

When the King came home! Thierry Henry made his name wearing the number 14 on his back, but when he returned to Emirates on loan in January 2012 Theo Walcott held that number, and so Arsenal’s all-time leading goal scorer had to take the number 12, his number for France.

So while HENRY 14 shirts may be the most famous, this 2011-12 jersey is sure to be a nice differential in your collection, and it also features special 125th anniversary design around the club crest and the every rarer long-sleeves.

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1988-91 Arsenal Away Shirt

Arsenal players celebrate the winning the title with the League Championship Trophy after the game at Anfield.

Size: XXL
Condition: Excellent
Price: £199.99 £149.99

Anyone who has watched Arsenal on their travels this season might notice several similarities with this Arsenal shirt from 1988 and the team’s current away shirt. The main lemon yellow colour scheme of the shirt combines beautifully with the deep blue sleeves and collar, while the club’s iconic red colour runs through the jersey at varying points.

As for the features, you really could not ask for much more either. The classic JVC shirt sponsor is an instant source of nostalgia for Arsenal fans, and the cannon club crest is another element picked up by this season’s away shirt. The Bruised Banana might be the headline grabber, but don’t sleep on its predecessor!

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2007-08 Arsenal 3rd Shirt (GALLAS 10)

Size: L
Condition: Excellent
Price: £49.90 £37.42

This is a controversial one. Prior to William Gallas’ arrival at Arsenal in 2006, the number 10 shirt had been worn by the likes of Paul Merson and Dennis Bergkamp, so no pressure for the French centre-back. While many were surprised with Gallas’ unorthodox shirt number choice, that should not take away from the quality of the shirts of that era, and this 3rd shirt certainly has some quality.

A diversion from Arsenal’s normal colours, the famous redcurrant was brought back and combined with a deep blue to form a stand-out hoop design. Finished off with gold lettering for the sponsors and nameset that ensure you won’t miss Gallas and his infamous number 10.

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2002-03 Arsenal Training Sweatshirt

Size: M
Condition: Excellent
Price: £39.99 £29.99

To finish off our list of picks for Arsenal shirts we are going a bit left field with a trainman jumper from the club’s 2002-03 season. Arguably Arsenal’s golden era under Wenger with Henry, Vieira and co. driving the club to Premier League and FA Cup glory, they were all kitted out by Nike and their bright red training gear.

With those cold Winter nights coming in fast, stay warm and show-up to your late night 5-a-side games in style with this retro piece of training wear.

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And if you are not an Arsenal fan and have just found yourself on this blog by mistake, we still have some shirt options for you too! Browse our Modern Classics section below and pick-up one of the hottest new shirts on the market with a 25% discount using code BLACKFRIDAY21.

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