Manchester United graphic inspires beautiful J League concept kit makes

If you couldn’t already tell from last week’s drop of vintage shirts, we are riding a bit of a J.League wave at FSC right now. So, we really could not believe our luck when one of our favourite concept designers, @IL_Graphic, produced a concept shirt for J2 League side, Ventforet Kofu. 

The design keeps with Ventforet’s blue and red colour scheme, while also incorporating a pattern which will look familiar to anyone who’s been watching the Premier League this season. Let’s take a closer look at the design!

The design

We have already touched on the colour scheme of this jersey, but what this design does so well is blend the two colours. The base colour is a deep blue, with an almost crimson red used to create the patterns, which take a chevron-like shape.

This pattern is essentially the same as the graphic seen on the current Manchester United third shirt, but with some excellent tweaks to the intensity of the gradient fade. It would be easy to dismiss this approach as a straight copy but the graphic feels completely at home here, creating a visual effect akin to the kind of abstract designs which J.League teams have been famous for throughout the history of the league.

In terms of additional features, the club’ sponsorship in Japanese looks just as good on this concept as it does on the real thing, while side adidas stripes are always a personal favourite, as they allow the shirt’s design to be unimpacted. 

Finally, the subtle addition of a jock-tag in the modern adidas style may not add much to this design, but it shows off @IL_Graphic’s incredible attention to detail. 

Are you a fan of J.League shirts?  

This concept design is a great mix of vintage and modern, and as such would fit in nicely within the J.League currently!

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Who is @IL_Graphic? 

@IL_Graphic is a concept designer based in Argentina, and his inventive and innovative concepts have been regularly featured by FSC, including an artistic Chicago Red Stars jersey, and a beautiful black and gold Brazil shirt. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with his latest work.

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