Stunning Inter concept kits explore snakeskin idea further

During the recent Champions League tie between Inter Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk, you may have spotted something slightly off about Inter’s away kit. Those watching Lautaro Martinez and co on their travels this season have been used to seeing the club wear their biscione away shirt design, featuring a blue snake wrapped around the white jersey.

However, in the game against Shaktar, there was no snake to be seen – or at least not an obvious one, as @shirtunion pointed out. UEFA did not allow the pattern to be used, and so Inter had to wear a plain version of the shirt instead, denying fans of what is undoubtedly one of the most exciting designs of the 2021/22 season.

But, thankfully for those of us who have enjoyed the biscione presence on Inter shirts both this season and in the past, concept designer @cenk_unl has got us covered. His latest designs clearly take inspiration for the biscione works linked to Inter, but give them a much more vibrant look. Let’s take a closer look at the Inter concept kits!

The designs

Both Inter concept kits make use of the same snakeskin pattern, and this is something that will be familiar thanks to Inter’s home shirt for 2021/22, which incorporated a scaled pattern into the usual stripe designs. 

This is probably a good time to explain the link between the Milan club and snakes. The grass snake – or Biscione – is a symbol often used to represent the city of Milan, and as Italian football has a culture of animals representing clubs (think Roma and the Wolves) the Biscione was chosen as Inter’s representative.

That link is what has given us these concept designs from Cenk, with the scaled pattern on each shirt moving much more randomly than on the club’s home shirt for this season. It’s a stunning effect, and certainly one that is rarely replicated across the game, whether in concept form or real life kits. 

Cenk has also decided to design these shirts as a Brand Jordan collection, rather than just a general Nike shirt. It is likely this inspiration that has led to the vibrant colours on each shirt, with the first composed of bright yellows and greens, while the second uses fluorescent pink and purple shades which we have seen previously for PSG. This effect is topped off with a contrasting black section of the shirt, which truly allows the brighter parts to stand out.

The only downside to the shirts? It’s got to be that Socios shirt sponsor, but we cannot blame Cenk for that, instead we might have to take it up with the Inter Milan boardroom. 

Who will be the next Brand Jordan football club? 

With these concept designs showing us what a potential collaboration between Nike, Jordan and Inter Milan could look like, it is worth considering who could be the next club targeted for a Jordan inspired overhaul, especially considering the success we have seen for PSG

After their new kit deal with Nike last year, it was generally thought that Liverpool would be the next club to wear the Jumpman logo, but there have been no signs of such a change yet. Which club do you think would suit a Jordan collaboration? Let us know in the comments below.

Who is Cenk Unal? 

Cenk is one of the best concept designers out there. We collaborated with him for our residency series last year, and he has recently seen his Ancient Egypt concept designs be brought to life by Icarus. Stay tuned to his socials to keep up to date with his latest designs. 

Matt Leslie

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