The Angel City FC concept kits that predicted the future

We have spent time on this blog previously waxing lyrical about the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and its growing collection of stunning kits and branding amongst the ten teams which make up the US-based league. Soon, though, that number will grow to 11, with the imminent introduction of Angel City FC for the 2022 season. 

Since being announced as the latest expansion team to join the league last Summer, much hype has surrounded the club mainly thanks to its famous owners, which include Natalie Portman, Serena Williams, Mia Hamm and more. But the reason we are interested in the Angel City at FSC is for the potential kit designs we might see grace the club’s Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles.

As of yet, we have not seen any hint of what these designs may look like, but in recent weeks we have been given a look at the club’s crest and colour scheme – a sleek black and pink. Just this week, the club truly began to take shape with the hiring of Freya Coombe as head coach and signing of Christen Press as the club’s first player. 

As such, we thought that now would be the right time to start speculating about what those kits might look like, and to do so we have a home and away concept design from @TobsTheCreator (Teg). Let’s take a closer look at the Angel City FC concept kits!

The Designs

As mentioned above, we already know that ACFC’s kits will take on a pink and black colour scheme, but we do not know what form this will take. For her concepts, Teg has chosen the black for the home shirt, but accented it with pink features. 

Different shades on black create a striped pattern across the shirt, with the pink allowing the shirt to remain simple but still pop. Relatively simple designs such as this one are not uncommon in debut shirts, with clubs and manufacturers not wanting to nail their colours to the mast too early on. We have seen similar strategies used with Austin FC in the MLS, Kansas City FC in the NWSL and in Roma’s recent partnership with New Balance

For the away shirt, the colours are reversed, leading to a real stand-out pink design. Unlike other uses of pink on shirts, this colour palette is more tame and less luminous than the likes of Inter Miami’s, and is more akin to Manchester United’s 2018-19 third shirt from that famous night in Paris. 

The feature to really enjoy on this shirt, however, is the embossed use of the club’s name written across the shirt. It is just subtle enough to not overpower the whole kit, while being a strong point of design differentiation. 

A concept design that came true

We may have to wait a little longer to see our first confirmed glimpses of how Angel City will be kitted out, but already, @TobsTheCreator seems to have a pretty strong record for predicting the future in her concept designs. 

Some eagle-eyed readers amongst you may have noticed that these concepts were posted at the beginning of June, and featured a mocked-up picture of Christen Press wearing the designs. Fast-forward six weeks and Christen Press has been announced as the first signing for Angel City FC. Let’s hope those Angel City FC concept kits design predictions come true too!

Who is @TogsTheCreator?

@TogsTheCreator, or Teg, has a feed full of USWNT and NWSL content, and we’re excited to follow it and hopefully see more concept designs like this one. Follow her on Twitter to do the same. 

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