PSV concept kit realises a beautiful reunion with adidas

Request pack – Part 2

Welcome back to Request Pack, the series which imagines what the shirts of teams from across the globe would look like if adidas were in town. To catch up with Part 1 check out our previous blog, but read on for the next slate of 8 clubs with their corresponding concept kits.

America de Cali adidas concept kits

Home shirt: A remake of the pinstripe shirts worn in the 1985 and 1986 seasons, during which the club contested the Copa Libertadores final on both occasions, the club’s highest ever finish in the competition (they also reached the final in 1987 and 1996).

Away shirt: Traditionally, a white/red offering, this time with a chest hoop to create difference between the home/away shirt themes.

Third shirt: “La Pasión de un Pueblo” – one of the most unique team nicknames around and the inspiration for the fiery print on this shirt, complete with neon red applications. 

Oakland Roots SC adidas concept kits

Home shirt: The “roots” part of the unique club crest becomes a halftone print in the colours of the flag of Oakland and decorates the sleeves of the shirt.

Away shirt: Another play on the “roots” nickname, this shirt features a tree trunk graphic and multicoloured piping on the neck and sleeve cuffs

Third shirt: We all know and love the wild, colourful MLS shirts of the 1990s. This one takes that aesthetic and fuses it with adidas’ stripe template for 2021/22 to create a “fauxback” design.

Audax Italiano adidas concept kits

Home shirt: Inspired by the club’s kits in the 1970s, with a two-coloured adidas stripe on the shoulders enhancing an otherwise traditionally plain green base.

Away shirt: Similar theme to the home shirt – also heavily traditional – except this one features a contrasting neck/sleeve cuff. 

Third shirt: Inspired by the flag of Italy as featured on the club badge, this features a tricolour stripe design in teal and two shades of blue. White sleeves are a frequent feature of Audax shirts and have been added here to enhance the design’s distinctiveness.

Chattanooga FC adidas concept kits

Home shirt: Chattanooga, Tennessee is known for its connection to the railway industry and the all over print on this shirt pays homage to that. 

Away shirt: The club’s distinctive double blue colour scheme is applied on a white base here through a stripe running beneath the club badge.

Third shirt: This year, the club announced a partnership with VFL Wolfsburg. This third shirt, styled after Wolfsburg’s usual home shirt design, celebrates the link.

South Melbourne FC adidas concept kits

Home shirt: Traditionally, the club wear deep blue and white – inspired by the Greek flag and the club’s links to the Greek community in Melbourne. Camo pattern just one of adidas’ staple graphics

Away shirt: Again, traditional design with subtle vertical stripes that pay homage to the stripes of the Greek flag and the club’s links to Greece.

Third shirt: Inspired by the club’s old away shirt motif of a red chevron on white, this one simply reverses that colour scheme and adds some blue to it.

NY Cosmos* adidas concept kits

Home shirt: An homage to an Umbro jacket worn by Pele himself in the announcement of the club’s refounding, this takes the striped trim of that jacket and turns it into hoops in shades of green – with the original trim decorating the sleeve cuffs

Away shirt: Fashionable off white base, with the club’s tricolour running down the middle. 

Third shirt: An homage to the 1970s shirt worn by such football icons as Johan Neeskens and Franz Beckenbauer amongst others, simply ported to the newest adidas silhouette.

PSV Eindhoven adidas concept kits

Home shirt: A remake of the 1998/00 shirt, with some new adidas styles added in the mix

Away shirt: When O Fenomeno himself was playing for the club, they wore a purple and black shirt on their travels. This one combines it with the checker style PSV have frequently utilized on their shirts recently – as well as the collar of that particular Nike offering.

Third shirt: The branding of the city of Eindhoven has been subtly incorporated onto the home and away shirts of the club this season – this one is a bolder approach creating a chest graphic out of the zig zag motif.

Caversham United** adidas concept kits

Home shirt: The wave print from Hungary’s shirt in the Euros is brought back in typical adidas fashion – inspired by Caversham’s link to the river Thames, also celebrated in the club badge.

Away shirt: Gradient adidas stripes and a fashionable mashup of prints – almost your typical adidas change top.

Third shirt: Before Twitter transformed their fortunes, the club wore red and white. The new club’s colours are also there though, through a chest stripe.

*As of the moment these words were being typed, New York Cosmos have ceased to operate.

**Sunday League club from the Reading area that you should definitely be following on Twitter (@CavershamUnited). Shout out to Le Cav. 

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