Amazing Japan and South Korea concept kits would be instant hits

We might be in full Euros fever right now, but that does not mean that we should only be paying attention to those international teams still playing Europe’s premier cup competition. In that spirit, today’s concept review takes a look at two concepts from Asia, with redesigned kits for South Korea and Japan. The concepts, designed by @alisDZN, both incorporate the countries’ flags into their design to create an alternative to what are already two great international shirts. 

Let’s take a closer look at the two designs!

The designs  

Starting with South Korea, @alisDZN has created an away shirt with the same white base as the Korean’s current away outfit. However, instead of black tiger stripes, this shirt is dotted with varying red and blue dots, which wave and flow through the shirt to create an enticing pattern.

The inspiration for this design comes from the Taegukgi, the national flag of South Korea. The flag features a central dot which is composed of red and blue, and so splitting these colours and spreading them throughout the shirt provides not only a stand-out design, but also a personal touch to the national shirt. 

Elsewhere, the collar design is an interesting mix of both a y-neck and v-neck, while the red and blue colours work well encasing the national crest. 

With their take on the Japan jersey, @alisDZN has once again incorporated the country’s flag, taking the circle at the centre of the flag and placing it across a white background. Rather than a single, solid shape, the circle radiates throughout the shirt in various shades of crimson before fading away all together into the white. 

This effect dominates the shirt, and allows for an interesting and original look that is still simple in its design.

Can these shirts compete with the real thing? 

Both national teams have made waves with their recent kit releases, with South Korea producing a daring black and white striped design, and Japan blowing everyone away with a stunning blue centenary shirt. 

These two concepts fit well into that rich shirt history, and both do well to include personal touches to the nations they represent through the inspiration in @alisDZN’s designs. But do you prefer these new designs, or the real thing? Let us know in the comments below.

Who is @alisDZN? 

@alisDZN is a sportswear design student who has a distinctive style and stunning skill in the presentation of their concept designs. Alongside these original designs, @alisDZN has also created concepts for some of Europe’s lesser known clubs, allowing concept fans an alternative look at some alternative teams. Keep up to date with their work on Twitter and Instagram

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