Kappa Venezia concept kits whet the appetite for exciting new partnership

Venezia FC – underpinned by their creative direction headed up by the likes of Ted Philipakos and Diego Moscosoni – provided one of the shirt stories of 2020/21 with their stellar 2020/21 home and away Nike jerseys. They now face the challenge of having to top those designs going into 2021/22, when the club will also return to Serie A. All eyes are on Venice.

A good place to start is with a new kit manufacturer, and perhaps the most fitting one out there for the Venetian club; on June 9th, the club announced that they had signed a deal with Italian sportswear brand Kappa, meaning that next season we will see an entirely new dimension to that iconic ‘Arancio, Nero, Verde’ colour scheme. 

Right now, we don’t know exactly what that will look like, but thanks to the work of @IL_Graphic, @cenkunl, @Saintetixx and @GusCamisetas, this bumper, Venezia x Kappa themed concept review might give you a better idea of what to expect on show at the Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo next season. Let’s take a look at the designs!

The designs

@IL_graphic Kappa Venezia concept kit

The Venezia home shirt that took the football shirt community by storm this season utilised horizontal hoops, moving away from the vertical striped design of the season before.  @IL_Graphic’s Venetian interpretation continues that theme, but with a more intricate and abstract take. 

As opposed to alternating coloured hoops, each ring on this concept is composed of all three of Venezia’s famous colours, fit together in a mix of lines and chequered boxes. This design is also incorporated in the sleeve cuffs, which @IL_Graphic has mirrored on the sleeve cuffs of Kappa’s 2020/21 shirts. 

This is a more daring design than most of Kappa’s 2020/21 output, but what better way to experiment than with Venezia in Serie A!

@cenkunl Kappa Venezia concept kit

Concept regular Cenk, meanwhile, opts for neither hoops nor stripes with his design, instead creating a black based jersey with cutting streaks of orange and green running diagonally throughout the shirt. 

This is once again an abstract take on Venezia’s look, and is completed by the printing of various Venetian patterns over the streaks. While these do add a local touch to the design, they slightly over-power the usually stand-out colours, and my fit better faded into the background. 

But there is still lots to love about this design, including the inclusion of a classic collar. Last season’s away shirt showed us what Venezia look like in a collared shirt, and this concept brings that look to the home jersey to great effect. 

@Saintetixx Kappa Venezia concept kit

For his concept, @Saintetixx takes us back to the chequered designs we saw in brief parts of @IL_Graphic’s concept, but this time the design dominates the entire body of the shirt. The specific use and relevance of the chequered design to Venice and its club side are likely found in the various ancient buildings throughout the city, many including floors filled with tiles which give that chequered look. 

The usual black base is abandoned slightly in this concept, with the orange and green colours taking precedence to create a very stylish looking chessboard. Elsewhere on the shirt, this is the only example of the famous Kappa shoulder taping amongst our four concepts, but it fits in perfectly against the black sleeves of @Saintetixx’s design. 

@GusCamisetas Kappa Venezia concept kit

To round off this concept review we have @Marito_plottier, who has delivered a carnival-themed home shirt and a hazy away top. 

Black chequers fill the body of the home shirt, but the sleeves take inspiration from the Carnevale di Venezia, an annual festival held in Venice which sees revellers take to the streets in feather covered masks (one of which Gus has given to the lion at the centre of the home concept’s club crest). 

This allows for a multi-coloured arrangement of feathers to make this shirt really pop, while also referencing something so close to the Venetian fans. Added to with a very sleek crew-neck collar, this is a home jersey that would certainly make a big first impression for Kappa.

The away shirt, meanwhile, seems to draw inspiration from the club’s 2020/21 outfit, but with some additional tweaks. The centralised green, black and orange stripes remain, but in a deconstructed, vertical form, creating a sound-wave effect that flows elegantly down the shirt. Topped off with a reversed collar color-scheme to the home shirt, and this is the perfect follow up to one of last season’s best shirts.  

Which design do you want to see?

The first set of Venezia x Kappa shirts will likely be some of the most anticipated of the 2021/22 season, such is the reputation of both the club and brand. With the designs likely settled on and ready to go, all we can now is wait and see what Serie A’s newest side will be wearing next season.

But in the meantime, concepts like these ones from @IL_Graphic, @cenkunl, @Saintetixx and @Marito_plottier can keep us guessing and fill that ‘Arancio, Nero, Verde’ hole in our minds and timelines. Which of these concept designs would you like to see most? Let us know in the comments below! 

Matt Leslie

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