Brilliant range of England concept kits build on current ideas

England finally kicked-off their EURO 2020 campaign with a 1-0 win against Croatia, providing their Nike home kit with its major tournament debut. The shirt, along with its away and training counterparts have gained much praise since their September release, and it was great to finally see them at Wembley.

But if for some reason you have not already been caught up in the excitement of international tournament football, then maybe these England concept kits can get you firmly in the mood. The Three Lions have been blessed with four concepts courtesy of Cenk Ünal, who sticks with Nike, but adds his own, crucial design elements to each jersey.

Let’s take a closer look at the designs!

The designs

Looking at Cenk’s England designs, it looks like the shirts he has created could form a home and away shirt with two training tops, given their styling. 

Starting with the home shirt, at first glance this seems like a fairly simple affair, but on closer inspection there are several sleek additions that make this shirt stand out. Within the all-white base of the shirt, thin lines form a St. George’s Cross, which help to highlight the centralised manufacturers logo, national crest and squad numbers. Each of these elements are finished off with a reflective effect, meaning this shirt keeps many of the traditional elements, while adding new features.

Of the four designs, the red shirt is the most likely choice for an away top. Compared to the home design, this attempt stands out much more instantly, with the St. George’s Cross once again utilised, but this time littered across the shirt in differing shades and styles. The centralised features are used once again, but the crest, in particular, fits nicely here, with its colour scheme changed to fit in with the jersey. 

The other two shirts have a similar look, with the famous Three Lions and ‘England’ text cutting through the shirt in both a blue and black colour scheme. Such designs are usually reserved for training tops, but this is no slight on the designs, especially considering the quality of England’s current training shirts. The Nike T90-style panels around the collar bone are also more clear on these two shirts, providing a nice sense of football shirt nostalgia to accompany the designs. 

Which Euro 2020 kits have caught your eye?

With match day one completed, we’ve gotten a look at at least one of each nations’ Euro 2020 jerseys, including France’s 1998 throwback, Russia’s stunning away shirt and England’s crew-neck home shirt. 

There is lots to love about what Euro 2020 has to offer in the way of shirts, and these England concept kits from Cenk would fit in with that outfit quite nicely. Which shirts have stood out to you so far, and which are you looking forward to seeing more of? Let us know in the comments below!

Who is Cenk Ünal?

Cenk is a seasoned concept designer, with a signature shirt style and a constant muse behind all of his designs. We have featured his previous designs for South Korea and the two Manchester clubs, as well as an entire Residency series containing some beautiful City concept kits. Keep track of his latest work on Twitter and Instagram.

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