Atletico Madrid look beautiful in dazzling marble concept kit

It was a nervy affair in Valladolid on the final matchday, but Atlético Madrid managed to get across the line, sealing a 2-1 win to confirm their first La Liga title since 2014. Diego Simeone’s team did so wearing two simple, but subtly beautiful Nike shirts this season.

Despite the beauty of these shirts, we still wanted to celebrate Atléti’s title win with a brand new concept shirt for them, and one that is certainly fitting for the new La Liga champions. @xztals has provided the shirt featured in today’s review, so let’s take a closer look at his Atletico Madrid concept kit!

The design

Straight from the off one thing is pretty clear: this is not a typical Atlético Madrid shirt. Alongside their usual red and white home shirt, we have seen a mixture of yellow and blue away shirts in recent seasons, but nothing close to this emerald design has been seen in the Wanda Metropolitano yet. 

That this colour scheme does not only dominate the entire shirt, but the club crest as well is something that can always be contentious with some fans, but what else are third shirts for if not to be adventurous in design and detail?

Beyond the colours scheme, the detail exhibited by @xztals in creating this abstract, marble effect throughout the shirt is very impressive, and conjures images of this season’s Liverpool away shirt. This design is even better when contrasted by a simple white collar and lightning side stripes, which even manage to divert attention away from the eye sore that is the ‘Plus 500’ shirt sponsor. 

Will we see more daring designs at the Wanda Metropolitano?

As @xztals mentions in his post showcasing this concept design, Atléti have taken some big swings with shirts in recent years, and even pushed the boundaries of their traditional home shirt this season by making the shirt’s stripes jagged rather than smooth. 

A design like this Atletico Madrid concept kit might well be the next step in Nike and Atléti’s journey, and we would certainly be very happy to see Luis Suárez and co. wearing this one on the pitch.

Who is @xztals?

Andy is a graphic designer who has released some great concepts we have previously featured, including a Barcelona x Adidas concept and a take on the Arsenal redcurrant jersey. We love seeing the different concept projects he creates, and you can keep track of them on Twitter and Instagram

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