Twitter loses its mind over Egypt concept kit

Sometimes there are shirt designs that are so obvious and so perfect for one team in particular, that they simply get overlooked in what is likely to be an extremely stressful and fast-paced design environment.

But luckily, we have concept shirt designers like @cenkunl to give us those perfectly fitting designs, and that is exactly what we have for today’s concept review. Cenk has taken on the Egyptian National Team, designing a home and away Egypt concept kit that perfectly incorporates the rich history of the African country, along with a high-quality presentation. Let’s take a closer look at the design!

The designs

Between the two jerseys, the common theme is Cenk’s use of gold highlights and trimmings, which of course suit the nation most famous for its ancient gold-filled tombs, and gold-clad sarcophagi. 

But the ancient links do not end there, with both concept shirts covered in hieroglyphics. These are faded into the shirt well enough to avoid them overpowering the shirts, and so work effectively as a nod to the history of Egypt. Incredibly, this is not a common design seen on previous national team shirts, but we are glad Cenk has brought it to life for us!

In terms of the base on which these features lie, the home jersey has a sandy look to it, perfect considering the vast deserts of Egypt, while the away jersey takes amore modern influence by using a black/red colour scheme seen on recent Egypt National Team jerseys.

Add all of that to the centralised crest and Nike logo – an instant win in the eyes of FSC – and these concept shirts are fitting for Mohammad Salah and co.!

When concept shirts go mainstream

We are obviously massive fans of this Egypt concept kit from Cenk, but it has also been really pleasing to see these designs gain wider notice on social media recently, as the initial tweet of these designs reached over 150k likes.

And this has not been the only recent example of concept shirts gaining wider attention. Last week, @soccept’s ethereal looking Argentina concept gained over 50k likes. It is no surprise that these two designs have found their way from the football shirt and concept kit community into the mainstream Twitter feeds of thousands, with both concepts coming from seasoned designers who have a record of high quality renders.

It is great to see something we love gaining more recognition, and shows the power in continuing to share people’s work!

Who is Cenk Ünal?

Cenk is a seasoned concept designer, with a signature shirt style and a constant muse behind all of his designs. We have featured his previous designs for South Korea and the two Manchester clubs, as well as an entire Residency series containing some beautiful City Jerseys concepts. Keep track of his latest work on Twitter and Instagram

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