Colourful Boca Juniors concept kit puts a spin on the band

With their classic design and stand-out colour scheme, Boca Juniors are one of the most prominent clubs in our concept reviews. We have seen their shirts given a Champion makeover, call-back to the 1990s and pay tribute to their famous La Bombonera stadium.

But this week, we are changing it up, courtesy of a concept design from @sergiosvy and @IL_Graphic. Discarding the traditional Azul y Oro colours, the duo have treated us to a black Boca third shirt concept which also references one of Buenos Aires’ most famous features. Let’s take a look at the colourful Boca Juniors design!

The design

Boca usually opt for a blue/yellow home shirt, accompanied by a white alternate jersey, and their set was completed this season with an abstract design that most prominently featured a similar colour scheme to the home shirt. 

This concept design goes in a very different direction. The jersey is primarily blacked out – a look we are yet to see Boca adopt – and the only link to their usual colours come from the club crest, adidas logo and 3 stripes. These shirt features are all finished in black, providing that typical blackout effect where the applications are almost entirely hidden depending on the light. 

But the main attraction of this design is undoubtedly the stacked colour band that cuts through the chest of the shirt. This feature, coupled with the background of the images, is clearly a reference to the La Boca barrio of Buenos Aires, and its Caminito, a street museum featuring several houses painted brightly and inspired by Tango.

The minimalist approach taken by the designers in displaying this area of Boca’s home city is stunning, and even more so against the darkness of the rest of the shirt.

Should shirts feature historic references?

Any new shirt release nowadays is complete with a story about its creation and inspiration, and those can certainly be hit or miss as to whether or not fans pick up on these cultural links. For example, Arsenal’s 2020/21 away shirt references the club’s old Highbury stadium with its marble design, and the Liverpool away jersey for the same season takes its inspiration from the Liver bird statue.

Not being fully aware of these influences may have initially confused some fans, but when a reference on a shirt gets it right, it can really elevate the design, and that is exactly what @sergiosvy and @IL_Graphic have done with this colourful Boca Juniors concept. 

Who are @sergiosvy and @IL_Graphic?

@sergiosvy is a journalist and designer from Spain who has created a number of brilliant graphic designs and is now hitting it out of the park with concept designs.

His collaborator, @IL_Graphic is a regular in our concept reviews, with a track record of creating stunning jerseys with a clear influence from the teams’ history or city.

Matt Leslie

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