Barcelona look great with adidas in new concept kit

This has been a tough year for Barcelona fans, and if the recent slew of Nike leaks are to be believed, Nike might well add to that hardship in the Summer when their supposed 2021/22 jersey is released. The leak has drawn a lot of attention for its abstract design, which intersects a large cross in the top corner of the shirt, breaking away quite drastically from the traditional striped design of Barcelona shirts.

But as we have seen from just this season, what can initially appear to be a shocking design choice can end up as a cult classic for fans – we even made Manchester United’s 3rd shirt FSC Approved – and this Barça shirt may well go the same way.

But, for those not so keen on the design, we have an alternative for you in this week’s concept review! It comes from @ArgenBocaaa, and gives us a glimpse of what Messi and co might look like under a different kit provider. Let’s jump into the design! 

The design

The main inspiration behind @ArgenBocaaa’s two concept kits is the MLS, which first of all means a change in kit provider for the Catalan club. MLS teams famously have a league-wide deal with the German manufacturer, and so we get to see Barcelona don the Three Stripes.

They do so in one of adidas’ most recognisable templates, the EQT design, with @ArgenBocaaa using the modern interpretation that we saw on MLS sides throughout the 2020 season. The Three Stripes coming over the shoulder means this shirt is still unmistakably adidas, but also leaves plenty of room for other design elements throughout. 

One of these elements on the home design is the use of two different shades of blue on Barcelona’s stripes, one taken from their 2015 shirt, and the other from this season’s jersey. Thanks to the thickness of the stripes, this blends in nicely with the classic burgundy stripes either side.

Meanwhile, the away shirt is kept relatively plain, with the use of a white base supplemented by two diagonal stripes in Barça’s traditional colours. Unsurprisingly, a white shirt is not something seen too often around the Nou Camp, but this design does give a nice glimpse of the possibilities such a design could bring. 

Finally, the collar on both shirts also uses a modern v-neck cut, with the added colours of the Catlan flag – which also feature on the shirt sleeves – bringing some new life to how Barça display their Catalonian heritage. 

What do you think about the latest Nike leaks?

While reaction to the Barcelona leaks have been mixed – and that’s putting it lightly – they are not the only Nike club to have had designs leaked in the last few weeks. Tottenham, Liverpool and Atlético Madrid fans have all had glimpses of their possible 2021/22 releases, and the designs range from the ‘Humanrace style’ of Atlético, to the unbelievable plainness of Tottenham’s potential shirt.

Whether you are happy or not with the leaks coming out of your club and their kit manufacturer, you can at least rely on a great concept to distract you from what might be to come next season!

Who is @ArgenBocaaa?

@ArgenBocaaa is an Argentinian-based concept designer, and as well as these Barcelona adidas concepts, he has recently created several designs for Boca Juniors. Keep track of his latest work on Twitter!

Matt Leslie

One thought on “Barcelona look great with adidas in new concept kit

  1. The home looks great.
    The away is never white as it is the colour of the Spanish Royals, and as a Catalan club, they do not support this.
    If it was Yellow, Teal or Black it would be better.

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