Boca Juniors Champion concept kit imagines dream partnership

Since 2010, when their contract with the Welsh FA ended, we have not seen Champion re-enter the football shirt game. Instead they have focused on their lifestyle range, growing in over the last 10 years thanks to their retro sports gear. 

But we will never forget the football shirts, most famously worn by Parma during their late-90s/early-00s heyday, with the likes of Hidetoshi Nakata and Hernán Crespo starring in the famous yellow and blue shirts.

Luckily for those pining for those days and kits, @Saintetixx has given us a Champion concept shirt, but rather than kitting out Parma once again he has chosen to design for Boca Juniors. One great club, one great manufacturer. Let’s get into the design!

The design

The blue and yellow hoops of the Parma shirts were a beautiful colour scheme, and that is replicated in this concept as @Saintetixx makes use of Boca Juniors similarly famous colour scheme. 

The hoops, however, are replaced by a blue base with a single yellow band running through the shirt’s midriff, allowing the minor features of the shirt to shine. Taping down shirt sleeves has become rarer in recent seasons, but this concept gives us all the Champion sleeve taping we have been missing. The logo down the sleeves is instantly recognisable and gives a healthy dose of nostalgia for those old Parma shirts, while the blue/yellow bordering helps to highlight this. 

The collar, meanwhile, also brings a classic style to the concept. A classic collar with a v-neck cut is an instant reminder of the old Parma shirts on which so much of this concept is based. It also gives a nice alternative to the usual crew-neck collar of Boca shirts in recent years.

What other brands do you want to make a comeback? 

With the advancements in kit manufacturing since Champion exited football, it is interesting to wonder what modern shirts might look like under their control. Would they stick to their retro roots, like in @Saintetixx’s Boca Juniors Champion concept, or would they update their style?  

What other brands would you like to see make a comeback in kit manufacturing? We’ve already seen the likes of Meyba reenter the scene, who else ought to join the party? Let us know in the comments below!

Who is @Saintetixx? 

Clément Thiery is a concept designer from France, who designs for teams across Europe’s top leagues. His concepts all keep a simple design that allows for some of the classic elements of these team’s shirts to stand out, as with this Boca Juniors concept. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with his latest work. 

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