Incredible Inter Milan concept kit teases upcoming rebrand

Over the last month, rumours and leaks have circulated that Inter Milan are embarking on a rebrand. Similar to their Derby d’Italia opponents, Juventus, this rebrand reportedly involves a new club crest, with the leaks suggesting they will follow a similarly simple style as their Turin-based rivals.

As with any such rebrand the reaction has been mixed, but truly it’s hard to judge any crest until it is seen on a shirt. Luckily, designer @saintetixx has designed a collection of Inter Milan

Shirts which give us a taste of how a potential new logo could fit on next season’s shirts. Let’s take a closer look at the Inter Milan concept kit designs!

The design

It seems impossible to start anywhere other than with the club crest in this concept collection, and on all three shirts the new design fits in nicely, with the adapted blue and black colours on the away jersey being a particular stand-out. 

The home concept, meanwhile, is kept mostly traditional, with thinner Nerazzurri stripes containing a very faded scaled pattern on the black, which is a precursor to the more adventurous design of the away shirt. The gold features are a nice call back to some of Inter’s shirts during their late 2000s dominance.

But the aforementioned away shirt steals the show in this concept collection. Featuring the biscione (grass snake) – the historic emblem of the city of Milan – in the clearest way since their 2010/11 away release, the concept presents a historic part of the club’s history in a very modern way. Kept off centre, the biscione is colour black and blue to further represent the history of Milan in a set of concepts which equally embrace it’s modern rebrand.

The third shirt takes its inspiration from a more recent source, with the 2019-20 mint away shirt’s colourway revisited. However, the design is updated with various shades of teal striping throughout the shirt. 

Finally, the club crest is not the only update on these concepts, with the famous Pirelli shirt sponsorship being replaced by the China Evergrande Group. While it fits in nicely with the gold features of the home shirt in particular, it has a long way to fill the shoes left after Pirelli’s 25 year stay with the Nerazurri.

Could rebrands become more common?

Rebranding a club can be a perilous task, with the competing goals of tradition and modernisation continually fighting against each other. But, as @saitetixx’s Inter Milan concept kit shows, the two can work together to create some incredible designs, with the modern club crest slotting in alongside the traditional colours and biscione of Inter Milan.

Could more clubs join the likes of Inter and Juventus in updating their club crests? And do some clubs need such a rebrand? Let us know in the comment below. 

Who is @saintetixx? 

Clément Thiery is a concept designer from France, and has a steady output of almost a new concept design everyday. However, the quantity does not decrease the quality, with his designs for teams such as Manchester United keeping a simple design that allows for some of the classic elements of these team’s shirts to stand out, as he has done once again with this Inter Milan concept. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with his latest work.

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