Abstract Celtic concept kit gives fans something different

On the pitch, it’s fair to say Celtic are not having the best time at the moment. Even with three games in hand, they sit an unprecedented 19 points behind old enemies Rangers, and their quest for that 10th title in a row appears to be slipping away.

To try and bring a bit of joy back to Celtic fans, our concept review this week looks at a home shirt for the Hoops, created by @SETTPACE. So, Celtic fans, take a few minutes away from the news and your social feeds and let’s dive into this amazing Celtic concept kit design!

The design

When it comes to those famous green and white hoops, it can be hard for designers to innovate. Go too far and you can end up in a similar trap as New Balance, whose occasionally inconsistent designs from season to season were a point of contention with fans. On the other hand, there are only so many times that brands can fall back on a simple and ‘classic’ design before accusations of boring get thrown around.

But with this concept, @SETTPACE gives us a truly abstract take on the traditional design. There is no room for any symmetry, with half of the shirt featuring the traditional green and white hoops, while the other half is composed mainly of a base of green, with room for just two white stripes and one gold one to interrupt.

The use of colours are also important here, as much darker shades of green and gold are used. The bright green seen on Celtic’s 2020/21 shirt would arguably be too distracting in this design, while these darker shades are able to blend into the shirt and allow the actual design to take centre stage. 

To top off the design, the traditional and simplistic gold clover crest has been added to the shirt, again signifying that this design is breaking from the more recent norms that we’ve seen on Celtic shirts.

Tradition vs. innovation

In totally disregarding the usual symmetry that accompanies shirts nowadays, @SETTPACE has produced a truly great design with his Celtic concept kit! But do you prefer shirts sticking to their usual design, or is this the sort of innovation you would like to see your club take on?

Tell us what you think in the comments below!


@SETTPACE is a concept designer with a track record of producing stunning and innovative shirts. In the past, they have combined Juventus with Gucci and Nigeria with Dolce & Gabbana, and we look forward to seeing even more of their designs in the future!

Matt Leslie

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