Amazing Boca Juniors concept kit resurrects underrated 90s design

We all know that Boca Juniors have an amazing kit history which few teams can match, but their back catalogue is so stacked that it is almost impossible to keep up.

Many great shirts have flown under the radar, a problem made worse by the fact it’s often hard to find good quality photos of some kits, and as such it’s easy to miss designs which deserve to be in the conversation as some of the best of their generation.

A concept kit that brings back a design from 1992 recently appeared on my timeline, and I’m very pleased to bring it to you today, both because it’s a stunning design in its own right and because it reminds me of a truly underrated 90s design which deserves to be celebrated.

The design

This concept, designed by @nicsaa23 and rendered by @_santiagolazo, faithfully resurrects the magnificent 1992 Boca Juniors away shirt (a template shared with the Soviet Union, amongst others) with some tasteful adaptations that help bring the design forward to the modern day.

Perhaps the most striking detail of the kit is the asymmetric nature of the pattern, with one side featuring a checkered sleeve and the other a striped sleeve. Though both patterns are restricted to the sleeves, as opposed to the way the patterns bleed onto the chest as with the ‘92 shirt, it is nonetheless a standout aesthetic which works perfectly in the simple blue on white colour scheme.

Adding yet another style of pattern is the thick yellow band, which cuts across both the adidas logo and Boca crest. I love horizontal bands of colour in general when it comes to kits, and this lands particularly well when you notice the colour of the three stripes of adidas on the side. The yellow middle stripe and blue outer stripes mirror the nature of the pattern of the shirt, with the blue sleeve patterns and a yellow band in the middle, and it’s subtle touches like this which elevate a good concept design to a great one.

The only things I’d change about this kit are two elements outside of @nicsaa23 and @_santiagolazo’s control. I’d love to see the adidas trefoil return here, and also something like the original FIAT sponsor, but as mentioned before this design has done a great job of looking like a potential Boca Juniors kit in 2021, rather than a simple remake.

I hope adidas are watching.

The 90s is an endless goldmine

Whenever I think we’ve run out of 90s inspired ideas, a new concept or release draws me back in again. If anything, I would have loved to have seen Manchester United’s third kit this year go more down the route this Boca Juniors concept took, although the United kit is admittedly growing on me as the months go on.

It’s possible to have too much of a good thing, but as long as we unearth as wide a variety of 90s kits as we can I’m happy.

Who are @nicsaa23 and @_santiagolazo?

@nicsaa23 is a concept designer who recently appeared in our concept feature as one of the creatives behind the amazing PSG x Jordan 90s collection.

For this Boca Juniors concept kit, @nicsaa23 teamed up with @_santiagolazo who beautifully rendered the design in 3D. Good collaboration is a powerful thing, and in recent months we’ve seen a growing trend for collaborations between concept designers.

Long may it continue.

Phil Delves

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