Beautiful Argentina “D10S” concept kit pays tribute to Diego Maradona

This week will live long in the memory.

Diego Maradona was so much more than just a football player. Hated, adored, and never ignored, El Pibe de Oro leaves behind a legacy which will undoubtedly echo on for generations. In his home country of Argentina and his adopted city of Naples, the presence of D10S will likely never leave.

One tribute which jumped out to my attention was a concept kit from Saintetixx. We’ve featured Saintetixx more than once before at Football Shirt Collective, and his latest design is packed full of nods to Diego.

Let’s take a closer look at this Diego Maradona concept kit.

The design

Nothing says Diego Maradona more than a Le Coq Sportif Argentina shirt, and Saintetixx has referenced arguably the most famous Maradona shirt of all time, the 1986 Argentina home shirt, with the same stripe configuration of 4 blue stripes on the front and a white central stripe.

You’ll also notice a number of bespoke details building on this familiar base. The Le Coq Sportif logo and Argentina federation crest (simplified as a wordmark and stars) sit within the middle stripe in a beautiful pale gold shade. 

Behind these details is a subliminal sun, specifically the Argeninian national emblem the Sun of May. The sun is notably large, covering most of the upper chest, but that’s not all. If you look very closely, you’ll notice a lone teardrop underneath one of the eyes of the sun.

Perhaps my favourite detail is the small D10S wordmark at the bottom of the shirt, in the same shade of pale gold. The “D10S” nickname combining the word for “God” in Spanish with Maradona’s famous number, is in itself one of the greatest tributes you could ever give a footballer, so it’s wonderful to see that included here.

On the back of the shirt, there could only ever be one number and typeface, and indeed the number 10 on the back features a style similar to that used at the ‘86 World Cup.

When Argentina pay tribute to Maradona officially in a shirt, they couldn’t do much better than this Diego Maradona concept kit which Saintetixx has created here.

Which Diego Maradona shirt was your favourite?

Our writer Matt Leslie took a closer look at Maradona’s career in shirts, and there are simply too many to choose from. Have a read, and comment with your favourites.

Who is @Saintetixx?

Clément Thiery is a concept designer from France, and his work has been on our radar for a while. Clément’s designs consistently feature multiple layers of class, and I’ve particularly enjoyed his concepts for the French national team. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with his latest work. 

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