Fans are loving this custom 2020 Arsenal third shirt

One of adidas’ key themes this year has been shirts inspired by art. We’ve seen a variety of arty approaches, from nods like the paintbrush aesthetic of the stripes on the Juventus home shirt, to designs like Belgium where the artists got a little bit more carried away…

Artist Jermaine Bates, aka Hard In The Paint, has rapidly made a name for himself in the creative space, and a quick glance at Jermaine’s handiwork will show you that adidas are only really dabbling with the art angle. Hard In The Paint have completely elevated the approach to a new level, with customised designs that build on various popular football shirts from the past couple of seasons.

Across the different shirts you’ll notice a number of recurring motifs. Zig-zags, crosses, brushstrokes; it’s all here and perfectly tied into the designs of the original kits through colour and design. The various elements interact with the applications of the shirt too, framing crests and logos or even splattering on top of sponsors.

One of my personal favourites is a remixed Arsenal third shirt, where the peach elements of the kits are developed further through Hard In The Paint’s work. The end result is a much more exciting kit, that truly capture the art approach.

Imagine the possibilities had we seen an adidas x Humanrace x Hard In The Paint collab too, instead of just adidas x Humanrace? If I was adidas I’d be on the phone right now…

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Phil Delves

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