What if adidas created Humanrace shirts for River Plate and Flamengo?

By now we’re all used to new shirts being given the ‘Twitter treatment’, where timelines fill up with a mixture of love for a new drop, alongside equally passionate distaste. But few shirts in 2020 got quite the same reaction as the adidas Humanrace jerseys, created for Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Juventus and Romance FC.

The shirts – designed in collaboration with Pharrell – gained notice not just due to being fresh takes on famous shirts from the clubs’ pasts, but also because of their truly unique style (the process of which adidas design director, Inigo Turner, took us through). 

At FSC, we were big fans of the controversial designs, so it’s great to see that the designs have now inspired the concepts which are featured in today’s review. Let’s take a closer look at the two shirts!

The designs

South American giants River Plate and Flamengo have been given the Humanrace makeover, and the designs come courtesy of designers @emmegraphic and @joinart_design. Beginning with the shirt of the ‘Los Millonarios’, the Argentinian giants maintain an instantly recognisable look thanks to their traditional red sash cutting diagonally through their white shirt. 

However, inspired by the Humanrace aesthetic, the sash looks hand painted and heavily watered down. A similarly DIY-looking adidas logo and club crest are also added to the shirt, and make great use of the club’s already iconic red and white colour scheme. 

Flamengo, meanwhile, opt for less of a water-colour look for their striped shirt, favouring spray-painted red stripes on a black base. The single grey stripe at the bottom of the shirt breaks up the design well, and the colour scheme also works for the adidas shoulder stripes.

Finally, the painted Flamengo crest – made of letters representing the club’s name – is the perfect look for a hand painted design.

Both shirts also bear the Humanrace logo in place of their usual sponsors, and with its strong blocked letters, it fits well on both shirts, specifically cutting through the River Plate sash, which is adequately watered-down in this section. 

Who else should get the adidas x Humanrace treatment?

Considering all of the shirts chosen for the Humanrace project were based in Europe, these concepts provide a great opportunity to view how clubs outside the continent would look with such a design. 

Aside from the Brazilian and Argentinian powerhouses, what other clubs would suit a Humanrace makeover courtesy of Pharrell and adidas? 

Who are @emmegraphic and @joinart_design?

@emmegraphic is an Italian designer who creates concept shirts for a variety of sports, and always brings an engaging theme with his designs, as with this Humanrace-inspired design. @joinart_design is also based in Italy and as well as concept shirts, has a great track record of producing engaging graphics based on a number of football teams and leagues.

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