A game changing set of Brazil concept kits to challenge the latest Seleção release

With the release of their latest range of shirts for 2020/21, the Brazilian national team paid homage to the legendary 1970 Brazil team, with designs that are beautifully simple with the perfect dose of stand-out features.

But while the shirts have rightly earned plaudits since its release, it doesn’t mean we should overlook some alternative designs which could be worn by the Seleção. Concept designer @xztals has provided three eye-catching and potentially game changing Brazil concept kits, that take the famous Verde-Amarela colour scheme and provide a fresh new look.

Let’s take a closer look at the designs!

The designs

In modern international football, a few things are absolute givens: Scotland will make qualifying campaigns as excruciating for fans as humanly possible, Olivier Giroud will lead the line for France, promising Irish internationals will eventually declare for England, and perhaps most certainly, Brazil will play in Nike. The South Americans have worn the famous swoosh since the mid-90s, and this concept keeps to this modern tradition. 

But that does not mean that @xztals has not added his own twists to the shirts. Beginning with the home jersey, the usual plain yellow is completely broken-up in this design, courtesy of faded green lightning bolts, which sit on a yellow background that itself is fading between different shades of the classic Brazillian yellow.

The away shirt meanwhile continues the trend of pushing the boundaries of Brazilian football shirt fans, as @xztals is inspired by the designs of @xtianmiller. Sharp patterns are once again incorporated – this time with a solid purple background – but rather than a lightning bolt, this pattern gives the shirt a feathered look, helped in this way by the neon blue that mixes surprisingly well with the purple base and yellow highlights throughout the shirt. 

And finally, @xztals provides a personal favourite with his third kit. While new and original, this design still feels extremely Brazillian, and that’s all down to the wavy band cutting across the shirt’s chest. As well as incorporating all of the ‘usual’ colours of Brazil, this design feature is a perfect encapsulation of the free-flowing play made so famous by the likes of Pele, Ronaldinho and Neymar. 

Is it time for a change in Brazil x Nike designs?

For all the beauty of the 2020 Brazil home and away shirts, the Seleção rarely deviate from their normal and distinctive look. These Brazil concept kits from @xztals, however, have given us an insight into just how Neymar, Jesus and co. could look if Brazil and Nike decide to go for a bolder look in the future.

Who is @xztals?

Andy is a graphic designer who has released some great concepts in recent weeks, including a Barcelona x Adidas concept and a take on the Arsenal redcurrant jersey. We love seeing the different concept projects he creates, and you can keep track of them on Twitter and Instagram

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