There’s a reason adidas looked back to the 1991 Bayern Munich home shirt

FSC Approved – 1991 Bayern Munich home shirt

In the recent adidas x Humanrace collection, one shirt seemed to get more love than others broadly speaking across the community. Bayern Munich’s tribute to the 1991-93 home shirt stood out as one of the most successful of the range, and its unequivocal 90s vibe clearly resonated with today’s audience.

There’s a very good reason why adidas chose the ‘91 home shirt in particular to reference, amongst a huge range of adidas x Bayern designs from the past: it looks great. Quite simply, the 91-93 design is both one of the most ‘adidas’ designs you’ll find throughout the brand’s storied history, and also one of the best shirts from Die Roten’s back catalogue.

adidas seemingly made it their business to utilise their famous three stripes in as many creative ways as they could in the 90s, and across their extensive portfolio of teams we were treated to a range of standout looks. It sounds almost quaint on paper, but adidas moved the three stripes around their shirt from year to year, changing their size and angle in creative ways which we could only dream of in the modern shirt game.

The 91 design was notable for its appearance in the south of France for Marseille, whilst Liverpool also donned a couple of variations during the same period. Personally though, I would give the nod to Bayern’s interpretation, not least because of the striking blue and red colour combination.

Interestingly across the various styles of the template, the adidas logo was moved around almost freely, sometimes occupying a position within the stripes and other times sitting centrally on the neckline. It looked good wherever they put it.

Sadly, we won’t be seeing blue again on a Bayern Munich home shirt for the foreseeable future, after fans demanded that the team avoid blue on their home kits entirely back in 2018. From an outsider’s perspective it’s a crying shame, as Bayern have had so many good designs that feature dashings of blue. Should the club stick to that mandate in the years to come, it’ll only make kits like the 1991 one more special.

If you’re quick, you can snap up the 1991-93 Bayern Munich home shirt from our marketplace. We also have a range of other Bayern designs, including a bunch of red and blue home shirts.

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