Tasty Venezia concept kit flips the strong colourway on its head

With the release of their home and away shirts this season, Venezia FC have drawn the attention of the football shirt community, with their Nike jerseys being described as one of the best sets of shirts this year.

With this sort of attention from the community, it was only a case of when and not if the concept designers would give us their takes on the black, orange and green of the Venice club. We’re showcasing two such designs today, looking at a home and an away concept. Let’s take a closer look at the designs!

The designs

Beginning with the home shirt, it largely sticks with the dynamic colour scheme that has made the Venezia shirts so iconic. But in a slight twist, the black, green and orange stripes are flipped from horizontal to vertical, and worked to replicate the lightning trim which Nike have reintroduced to their shirts over the last two seasons. In many ways it is a more striking – excuse the pun – look, and shows an original take from the designer.

Elsewhere, the central crest and Nike logo fit nicely within this design, and even evoke images of the 2020 Nigeria home shirt. The collar, meanwhile, also bears the Venezia colours, which just add a subtle finishing touch to the shirt.

Unfortunately, the shirt sponsor struggles to fit in well with this design, but it should not take away from an otherwise very well put-together concept. The creation comes courtesy of designer @armorkuma.

As for the away design we picked out, this concept from Skyebaggie combines tributes to the current shirt and club’s home city, while also showcasing the brilliant originality of an idea from the designer. The fading blue waves of the shirt are a reference to Venice, where Venezia FC are based, which is famous for its canals, and the way this feature slowly moves to incorporate a watered down version of the black-green-orange colour scheme is extremely well done. 

Overall, the colour scheme works well, and especially in the use of the collar, which shows a reversed blue-black colour combo on each side. The sponsor, meanwhile, is less of an issue on this shirt, as the designer has opted to use the club name, as was done with the 2020 Venezia FC home and away shirts.

Better than the originals?

This is a great set of concepts, and both brilliantly showcase both the beauty of Venezia’s colour schemes, and the ability of designers to provide their own, new take on current shirts and trends.

For us, it’s hard to beat the real thing, but these concepts definitely come close. Who comes out on top for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Both designs were found on the fantastic concept design site designfootball.com. You can find loads more shirt designs there, alongside a regular stream of crest redesigns.

A reminder that you can buy both the 2020 Venezia home and away shirts from us! Free shipping is included, meaning you’ll save a lot compared to buying directly from the club.

Matt Leslie

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