Incredible South Korea concept kit inspired by Oscar-winning film Parasite

Despite their release way back at the beginning of 2020, the South Korea National Team shirts are strong contenders for the best set of kits this year. The home shirt incorporates a fading, flowing pattern to create a shirt that is pink, white and red all at once, while the away shirt’s zebra pattern and golden features make it one of the most unique shirts on the market.

But beyond these shirts, South Korea had even more to celebrate this year, as the movie Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-ho, dominated this year’s Oscars, winning best picture and best director. Now, concept designer Cenk Ünal has combined these two cultural behemoths to create a South Korea concept shirt inspired by the Oscar winning film. Let’s take a closer look at his design!

The design

While black is not the usual colour of the South Korean National Team, it works brilliantly in this design from Cenk, as he takes inspiration from the dark branding of the film, and its poster. This darkness is then off-set by the light green – a colour choice taken again from the grass on the film’s poster. This ensures that the shirt maintains the brightness that we have come to expect from South Korean shirts.

The real beauty of the concept, however, comes from the various details and patterns throughout the shirt. The concept is full of lines, zig-zagging, crossing over one another, some straight, while others curve with the shape of the shirt. Without giving away any spoilers, this feels like a nod to the architecture of the house used as the main setting for the film, which is also full of anomalies and unexpected designs (but we’ll say no more about that, just in case).

Meanwhile, other sections of the shirt feature zebra patterns similar to the 2020 away shirt, and pieces of Korean script, once again marrying the idea of the new shirts and the film.

What films would you like to see combined with shirts? 

Once again, this is a great combination of inspirations from Cenk, capturing two of South Korea’s biggest exports to the world this year. But are there any other movies that you think could combine with football shirts? Let us know in the comments below!

Who is Cenk Ünal?

Cenk is a graphic designer based in Turkey, who has a great record of producing concept shirts inspired by different aspects of the city, country or team he is designing for, just like with this South Korea concept kit. He was also recently featured in our Residency Series. Keep track of his latest work on Instagram.

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