Tasty Manchester City concept kits imagine Jordan collaboration

We’ve written before about how game-changing the Jordan brand’s entrance into football shirts has been, and since their first collaboration with PSG there have been lots of designs imagining what other teams could look like if control was given over to Jordan. 

But we can’t remember one of those concepts creating quite as many waves on social channels as these latest Manchester City concepts from digital artist Chase, who releases his designs under @wavycreations_. Let’s take a closer look and find out why there has been so much buzz around these shirts!

The designs

Beginning with the home concept, Chase has kept the colour scheme very clean and simple, opting for City’s usual sky blue, with darker blue features. This is then added to with the use of a fragmented geometric pattern throughout the shirt. In some ways it is similar to the mosaic pattern that controversially covered City’s home shirt for this season, but by opting for a more muted version of this, Chase ensures that his concept keeps its simplicity.

This simplicity is something that especially helps given the classic collar and cuffed sleeves used on the shirt. Given that Jordan is an imprint of Nike, this style fits with recent Nike releases for The Netherlands, England and Portugal national teams.

As for the three alternate kits in the concept collection, Chase continues the theme of a generally simple style. The use of the club’s traditional white and blue colours as highlights on a black shirt are really effective, especially with the Borussia Mönchengladbach-style stripe through the club crest. 

Meanwhile the white, collared shirt perhaps plays it too safe for what we have come to expect from alternate concept shirts, especially with its similarities to the home concept. But it also breaks Ander Herrera’s recently revealed pet-hate of changing the traditional colours on a club crest, which I am sure will make City fans love the concept that little bit more. 

And finally, the most eye-catching of the collection is the orange shirt, complete with a double diagonal stripe. Daring? Yes. Polarising? Probably. Deviation from the norm? Definitely. But these sort of shirts – ones that cause debate and controversy – are becoming the norm for alternate shirts. Not everyone will like their team in bright orange with blue and white stripes, but often the ones who do like it, will love it!

Where will we see brand Jordan next?

While now signed with Puma, City did spend six years with Nike, yet the idea of a brand collaboration was never raised. Speculation has been rife that Liverpool and Nike will soon capitalise on their new partnership – boosted further by the club’s American ownership and business ties – but as of yet there has been nothing official. 

Until then, we will have to make do with the concepts that fill up our social channels, and if they continue to be as good as Chase’s then that’s just fine with us. 

Who is @wavycreations_?

Chase is an American digital artist who has released several Manchester City concept kits, and has even had his work featured by the club itself. His designs have been garnering plenty of hype in recent months, so make sure you stay on top of his latest work by following him on Twitter.

Matt Leslie

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