Stunning Nantes kit headlines Macron’s 2020 offering

Macron kits – 2020 overview

Macron are a curious case.

The brand are decidedly in the ‘chasing pack’ when it comes to manufacturers, living in the unfortunately large shadow of the likes of Nike, adidas and to a lesser extent, Puma. They don’t possess the sort of cult following you see with similar brands like hummel, yet their footprint on the kit landscape is undeniably significant.

Looking ahead to the 2020/21 Champions League and Europa League, Macron will be supplying kits for 8 teams competing across both competitions.

It’s an impressive and sizeable portfolio, and on an even more impressive note the brand’s work with ‘smaller’ international teams is exemplary. A couple of years ago Macron committed to providing bespoke kits for all their national teams, regardless of size or stature. Some of the bigger boys would do well to take note of such a commitment…

How are Macron looking as a whole when it comes to the actual designs of all these kits though? We’ve already talked about New Balance and hummel, so let’s see how they compare.

Best 2020 Macron kits

Faroe Islands away kit 2020

Tell your friends: the Faroe Islands have one of the best international kits in 2020.

Yep, we’ve seen a lot of good kits at national team level, but Macron’s work for the Faroe Islands is a standout for me. There are a range of tasteful details on display here, starting with the subliminal pattern across the body of the kit. The series of crosses and sharp shapes give the shirt a modern aesthetic, and the subtle nature of the look allows the beautiful and more traditional cuffs and colour design to shine.

So many shirts fluff their lines when it comes to collars, but the three colour approach here is perfect. Of course, the fact the colours are mirrored in the crest also (which just so happens to be one of my favourite crests in international football) scores multiple bonus points.

More bespoke detailing can be found in the form of an embossed outline of the Faroe Islands at the back of the shirt, not forgetting some customary flag detailing to boot.

Nantes away kit 2020

I think I was somewhat in the minority for liking Nantes recent rebrand, but with this new away kit I feel vindicated. The simplistic, ‘Juve-like’ crest is one of a number of clean, yellow details jumping off the base of the black base, and like black and gold, black and yellow is a commanding combo which suits the new, sleeker look.

Nantes are also one of those teams who have been hamstrung in the past by a jarring, red sponsor that clashes with the rest of the shirt, but it’s great to see ‘SYNERGIE’ playing ball this time round.

Subtle pinstripes across the body work well, and some inside neck detailing completes the look. This is the sort of shirt which quietly goes about it’s business, and it’s the sort of look I’m coming to expect from Macron more and more.

Luxembourg home kit 2020

How could I not finish this segment with another Macron international shirt? As with both of the shirts above, the 2020 Luxembourg home shirt is an example of a design that possesses some lovely bespoke details and an aesthetically pleasing restraint.

Subliminal lions cover the base of the shirt, shimmering and revealing themselves as light is cast over the shirt in that way subliminal patterns do. A thin trim on the cuffs is less of a ‘statement’ than something like the Faroe Islands away kit, but it’s an equally effective look with the way it mirrors the style of the crest.

Worst 2020 Macron kits

York 9 away kit 2020

Macron manufacturer all the shirt in the relatively new Canadian Premier League, and across the many kits they’ve designed so far for teams in the league, this for York 9 is the worst.

The choice of typeface for the various map details is stunningly average, like the default font you’d expect to find when opening up your favourite word processor. Then there’s the green line that traverses across the chest, which looks almost as cheap and tacky as the typeface.

Don’t let this put you off CPL kits as a whole, there are some good ones, but this is genuinely one of the worst kits I’ve seen across all teams and brands in 2020.

Lazio away kit 2020

Lazio are one of the biggest teams on Macron’s roster, yet their 2020 away kit is easily amongst the worst from the brand.

Fluorescent kits are hard to pull off, and most of the time they end up looking like goalkeeper kits. Macron went one step further here though, attempting to pair a bright green shade with Lazio’s traditional light blue.

It’s an experiment that doesn’t work, and for this sort of look to work we’d need to see some sort of edgy pattern, not to mention something like more black or white to ground the aesthetic somewhat.

Sporting Lisbon home kit 2020

I’m tired of soundwave inspired graphics. No doubt a kit will come along that’ll change my mind, but for now it feels like a stale trope.

Take Sporting Lisbon’s latest home shirt. Admittedly it’s hard to refresh a look for a team that’s virtually identical to the many other green and white hooped sides, but this creation looks extremely dated to me.

Some clever detailing across other areas of the kit could have lifted this one, but I’ll forget about this shirt very quickly.

Overall impression

I don’t think I’ve known many brands to be as polarising as Macron in 2020.

When they get it good, they get it really good. Their bespoke designs at international level are as good as anything you’ll see, and the fact that many of their best designs are reserved for some of the smallest nations is testament to the kind of care Macron typically provide.

On the other end of the spectrum, many of my least favourite kits for this year are Macron kits, and I can’t help but feel that the brand ought to take a leaf out of hummel’s book, and focus on quality a little more over quantity.

For now, Macron remain firmly in the chasing pack, albeit one of the more prominent members of that pack.

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