PSG x Kappa concept kit dazzles with a golden Eiffel Tower design

After a 30 year relationship, a ground-breaking collaboration with one of the brand’s largest assets (Air Jordan) and a role out of many successful shirts, it is hard to see PSG wearing any other manufacturers shirt than Nike. Luckily, @bertore.dzn has taken care of that for us. 

In one of his latest concepts, the designer has reimagined PSG’s shirts with a Kappa influence, bringing together a team so often lauded for the style of their shirts with a brand that always produces quality shirt designs. Let’s take a closer look at the concept!

The designs

As with all PSG shirts, the centre-piece of the design is the use of the red stripe through the middle of the top. Over the years, these stripes have varied in design, running from thick to thin, zig-zagged and straight, but with this concept, @bertore.dzn brings a new look, with the stripe widening as it draws down the shirt. 

More than just a point of difference, this is a clever nod to PSG’s city, with the widening stripe acting as a silhouette of the Eiffel Tower. Another pleasing aspect of this shirt is that the designer has included a break in the stripe to allow room for the sponsor. While many fans dislike this practice because it interrupts a design, this is a common practice in the world of shirt design, as we found out from Inigo Turner, so it’s something designers should possibly be considering, even in the concept world. 

Elsewhere on this PSG concept kit, the thin red and white collar trims are a subtle touch, while the kappa logo running down the sleeves is always a hit on any shirt. 

The second shirt in this concept, a black shirt with secondary gold highlights, feels a lot like an ideal third shirt. The alternative placement of the ‘All’ sponsor on the shoulders and under the Kappa logo is really interesting, and leaves room for a much less subtle depiction of the Eiffel Tower. 

More so than the home concept, this shirt feels very much like a Kappa design, although it’s hard not to think of rivals Monaco when seeing a black and gold Kappa kit. This colour scheme transfers over really well though, reflecting the grandeur and elegance that is often associated with PSG’s home city. 

What alternative shirt manufacturers would you like to see?

Unfortunately, @bertore.dzn’s concepts are only able to give us a glance of what the French champions would look like with a different kit provider, and with the success of their Nike collaboration, we are unlikely to see a move any time soon. But it is still great that concepts can give us this insight into how clubs could look if they changed direction!

Are there any other clubs you would like to see move to a different provider? Let us know in the comments below!

Who is @bertore.dzn?

Bertore is a Danish designer whose recent concepts have all featured similar ‘what if’ scenarios, designing alternative shirts for teams such as Barcelona and Juventus as well as the PSG concept kit above. Follow his work on Twitter and Instagram.   

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