5 best template kits in 2020

“Template Kits” Are Great Again – Here’s 5 kits that prove it


If you’re like me and spend a lot of your free time reading about football clubs’ clobber on the internet, then you’ve probably seen that word at least 50 times recently. Mostly with negative connotations, as most people still don’t seem to understand the meaning of the term in the context of the football shirt industry.

Even kits that seem to straight up share the same “template” though – be it teamwear options or identical chassis – can sometimes be really good. In fact, I do believe that the discussion about the subject has been provoked not by the practice, but by the aesthetics of those shared design elements, think Nike in 2016 (no, I won’t stop slandering the Vapid Aeroswift. Never. Get used to it.) or adidas in 2018 and 2019. 

So, with that point planted onto your heads via a chip I’ve secretly put in your masks – whoops sorry, if you believe in that stuff you probably aren’t wearing a mask either… Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, here’s my top 5 “template” kits for the 2020/21 season.

5 – Sevilla third kit 2020

Here we have the 2020 model (think of it like a car) of the Nike Challenge teamwear shirt, in a very aesthetically pleasing navy blue and bright red colourway bringing to mind several of the recent graphic design trends that have seen the light. 

It’s a very modern colour scheme on a silhouette meant to nod to Nike’s golden years of the mid 1990s – bold, brash and hey, unique to the club!

4 – Valencia away kit 2020

This is not as much a teamwear shirt as a seasonal graphic/chassis combination shared across several teams – but Valencia, with their signature orange colourway, feel like they make it work the most. 

That being said, the navy panels on the shoulders don’t really add anything to the kit and maybe would have been better left in the same colour as the rest of the shirt – otherwise, though, it’s just a really good football shirt. 

3 – 1860 Munich home kit 2020

Another appearance for the popular Challenge shirt from Nike, this time in an altogether more classic sky blue and white colourway. 

Nike/1860 are an iconic matchup that have given us some of the boldest Bundes-shirts of the 1990s. The revival of the partnership starts with an altogether more subdued offering, however I can’t help but feel the choice of template was an indirect homage to the golden years. 

Plus… it just looks really clean. Really clean. Look at it.

2 – Leicester City third kit 2020

If you support Manchester City or your name is Pep Guardiola… you might want to look away now! 

Seriously though, here we have this year’s edition of the customizable “miadidas” offering from the three-striped catalogue in a very elegant maroon and white colour scheme. Don’t go looking for this on your local sports retailer though… as this template is only offered to clubs for customization and not available for purchase. But it’s still considered a “template” in general terms and in this case, just looks really sleek. Even the adidas stripes down the sides work.

1 – Torquay United home, away and third kits 2020

Wait, wait – 3 winners? Is that not cheating? 

Well, well, well… I’m treating these as joint winners here. Level on points and all that. They share the same design, which is what brings all three together here. Torquay United have given every team that has to resort to teamwear a lesson here – you don’t need to just stick to the basic cheap shirts… It’s still this year’s edition of the colour-blocked Park shirt, but Torquay have given it a bit of flavour by sublimating a centre stripe made up of palm trees, representing the local Torquay pier. 

Paired with their gorgeous, abstract crest, this feels like a match made in football shirt heaven. Could be even better if the sublimated stripe reached all the way to the bottom, but let’s not darken the mood! Worthy winner(s) in my opinion – mostly for setting an example on how to deal with the restrictions of teamwear in the right way, but also because ahem, they’re REALLY good.

If all this talk of templates and teamwear has you a little confused, we’ve got your back.

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