Win one of three stunning shirts in our huge New Balance giveaway

Don’t sleep on what New Balance are doing this year.

The casual observer might assume that the brand are going through a bit of a slump, following the high profile brand transfers of Liverpool (to Nike) and Celtic (to adidas), but in reality 2020 has proved to be a really strong year from a kit design perspective.

I’m really high on NB’s designs for Porto and Lille in particular, and excitingly New Balance have kindly given us 3 shirts across both teams to give away to you guys!

Porto’s new home and away shirts and Lille’s new away shirt are all up for grabs, and there is A LOT to like across all the kits.

Starting with Porto’s home kit, we’re immediately hit with the yellow details across the shirt. The manufacturer logo, sponsor and brand cuff details all jump out in a vibrant shade, and it’s a lovely change of pace from previous Porto shirts. Speaking of a change of pace, there is also the welcome return (for me at least) of a more classic stripe pattern, following the traditional “braces” style from 2019.

And that’s not all. The best detail is reserved for an area on the shirt you won’t usually see. Behind the crest is a stylised graphic with the words “Nação Porto”, or “Porto Nation”. Internal details like this have been experimented with before, but they’re rarely seen across the board. I’m a huge fan, not least for the aesthetic of the graphic itself, and best of all all three shirts that we’re giving away share the same feature.

Moving to the Porto away shirt, the colours on show are right up my street. A darker navy shade acts as the canvas for a series of tasteful grey details, whilst bright orange cuff details lift the overall look. There are no distracting patterns to note here, just a well chosen scheme that complements the home well. And like mentioned before, you’ll find a lovely graphic behind the crest as with the home.

What about Lille then? Here we go.

Black kits are always popular, but this design from New Balance is more than just another black kit. A series of white and red flecks adorn the main area of the kit, producing an aesthetic that feels part Matrix part Lyon 2012 third shirt (sorry to mention a rival team Lille fans).

In tandem with the wonderful pattern are silver details. Everything from the sponsor to the crest shines in the shade, and like the Porto kits before it the best detail is reserved for the back of the crest. “Nous Sommes Les Dogues”, in the same gritty and beautiful font as the Porto details, reads as the crowning detail on a kit which is easily in my top tier across all teams and brands in 2020.

3 ways you can win a new shirt

There are three ways you can win one of these shirts in our New Balance giveaway.

1. Enter our 1st giveaway on Twitter

We’re giving away the 2020 Lille away shirt TODAY on Twitter! Be sure to enter the giveaway and check back next week to see who the lucky winner is.

2. Enter our competition on Instagram

The 2020 Porto home shirt will be given away over on Instagram. Competition starts on Friday 18th, so be sure to enter later in the week.

3. Enter our 2nd giveaway on Twitter

Finally, the 2020 Porto away shirt will also be run as a giveaway on Twitter. Action starts Monday the 21st.

Thanks once again to New Balance for generously providing the shirts for us to give away, and good luck everyone!

Phil Delves

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