Best football shirts based on flags

What better way for a football team to celebrate its heritage than with a flag?

From unmistakable national emblems emblazoned across entire shirts, to subtler designs that connect in a more organic way, many football shirts over the years have been inspired by vexillology (that’s the history and symbolism of flags, to us laypeople). And with some bold and brilliant flags out there, it’s no surprise that football shirts have been similarly enriched (in much the same way as our animal shirts discussion).

Although, of course, not every design gets it quite right – or even a little bit right, as the good people of Twitter pointed out when we asked for their favourite shirt that’s linked to a flag. 

Here’s some honourable (and dishonourable) mentions.

Home nations 

We don’t have to look far beyond our shores for some iconic designs.

European specials

Forget Gallic flair, Azzurri style and Belgium panache, Croatia came out top of the pile, with props to Slovenia.

Going big

Who needs subtle? Go big… or go home.

America the beautiful?

The Stars and Stripes have had some hits in the past… but Columbus Crew’s 2016 ‘homage’, less so.

Domestic treats

It’s not all about international teams either.

Final word

Goes to Subside Sports for this incredible shout…

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Jade Craddock

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