You’ll either love or hate the upcoming 2020 Liverpool away shirt from Nike

Across the football shirt industry, we’re seeing a growing number of designs that are challenging our taste.

I myself enjoy a shirt that introduces a colour we don’t usually see, or a pattern which looks like it’s inspired by another planet, but despite my preferences 2020 is testing my love for disruptive designs.

The 2020 Liverpool away shirt is just around the corner, and based on the leaks we’ve seen over recent weeks, it’s set to be one of the most divisive shirts in a particularly bold and crazy season.

Take a look at the reaction on social media to the Liverpool away shirt leak, and decide which side of the fence you sit on…

Instagram reacts to 2020 Liverpool away shirt

A spicy, 10/10 masterpiece…

Or so bad you can’t believe someone was paid to design it

Twitter reacts to 2020 Liverpool away shirt

A beautiful shirt which might end up as a favourite…

Or a wacky downgrade with a colourway that doesn’t make sense

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Phil Delves

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