A classic set of Real Betis concept kits to celebrate the return of La Liga

La Liga is back! After three long months without Lionel Messi, João Félix, Sergio Ramos and co., this weekend sees Spanish football return to our screens. 

To celebrate the return of the Spanish game, today we are featuring @pierreswk’s home and away Real Betis concept kits. Hopefully the design is more successful than Betis’ efforts last night!

The designs

For any Betis home top, certain traditions always have to be kept, and Pierre has done so in this concept with the traditional and iconic green and white stripes. 

It’s a tradition that dates back to the early days of the club, when founding member Manuel Asensio Ramos adopted the look after supporting Celtic during his time studying in Glasgow in the early 1900s. Betis honoured this influence in 2017, wearing their classic green and white colours, but with the traditional Celtic hoops.

The use of thin stripes on this concept mirrors the Betis 2019/20 home shirt, which also moved away from the broader stripes used in previous editions. The lack of sponsor on the shirt also gives a cleaner look and ensures a more traditional look for a club steeped in Spanish history. 

The away concept, meanwhile, also keeps to tradition, in that Betis’ away shirts tend not to differ too drastically in colour to their home outputs. The point of difference added by Pierre, however, are the pin stripes which begin to emerge towards the base of the shirt. When you zoom in you’ll find that they read ‘Real Betis’, a nice touch and something out of the box on this concept. 

Kappa are the manufacturers used in this concept, and it would be hard to see any other brand in their place. Originally kitting out Betis between 1995 and 2009, the club and Kappa reunited in 2018, resulting in a run of both classic home shirts and out of the box away designs, something that is perfectly reflected in Pierre’s concept. Use of the Kappa logo running down the sides of the top is an especially eye-catching feature. 

While the concept does lose a couple of points for the overlapping collar more commonly seen on recent adidas releases, I do like how the green and white stripes design continues in this feature, and on the inside of the collar. 

What shirts have caught your eye?

At the Football Shirt Collective, we are delighted to have La Liga back on our screens. Not just for the football, but to have a look at some of the great kits offered by the league’s teams, because if you’re anything like me, a classic home shirt or eye-catching third top can help you find a new team to follow.

Are there more La Liga concepts you’d like to see us highlight? Tell us in the comments below! 

Who is @pierreswk?

Pierre is a French-based concept designer who puts out simple concepts with really subtle but impressive features, just like in these Real Betis concept kits. He also runs the account @design_utd, so head over to his Twitter and Instagram to see more!

Matt Leslie

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