These gorgeous Arsenal and Real Madrid concept kits are fit for a king

Residency Week 4 – Europe Pt. 2

Good to see you again.

If you’ve landed here and you haven’t yet enjoyed Part 1 of this final week of Residency, it’s here for your enjoyment. A Vincent van Gogh-inspired Ajax kit, a Fiorentina shirt that nods to Leonardo da Vinci, it’s a lot of fun to say the least.

For now though, let’s keep this train rolling with another round of incredible concept kits from our man Cenk Ünal. Today we’re travelling to some of the biggest clubs in the world, and the shirts match the pedigree of the teams and some!

Arsenal City Edition concept kit

Arsenal city edition concept kit

First up we have the most royal Arsenal kit you’ll ever see. 

Cenk’s concept here is absolutely dripping in gold and intricate patterns, paying homage to Buckingham Palace and in particular the ceiling of the palace. The pattern especially is stunning, with a host of details including an old school Arsenal crest and radial lines which reference the London Eye.

Though this shirt won’t appeal to the more republican fan, this is nonetheless a design which once again showcases how good Cenk is at creating detailed textures and patterns.

Bayern Munich City Edition concept kit

Bayern Munich city edition concept kit

See, I told you. Once again Cenk is responsible for crafting a majestic pattern throughout the body of this Bayern Munich concept kit. Elements of the club crest combine with the aesthetic floor of the Munich Residenz. Coincidentally, the various circles also look suspiciously like the Meisterschale (Bundesliga trophy). It certainly seems apt for the perennial league winners!

From a colour scheme perspective this is a lot of fun too. Cenk has nodded to Bayern’s gold kits from the early 00s, which is a fresh look that ought to return soon. I also love the “Munich” wordmark across the chest, which takes inspiration from the coat of arms of the city. Finally, don’t miss the lovely touch of the club motto on the cuffs.

PSG City Edition concept kit

PSG city edition concept kit

One of my favourite things about the concept kits of Europe Pt. 1 was the heavy art flavour across the shirts, and alongside van Gogh and da Vinci we can now add Claude Monet to the list.

The Paris-born painter would be proud of this shirt, which features a stunning texture which very much looks like it’s come from the man himself. The colours on this shirt are incredible too, with lighter blues and reds than we’d usually see on a PSG shirt. It works wonders though, and we should also talk about the bespoke crest which Cenk has designed. The PSG crest and coat of arms of Paris make a tasty, minimal combination.

Finally, in a typically discreet move, Cenk has styled the “Paris” wordmark like the metro signs of the city.

Real Madrid City Edition concept kit

Real Madrid city edition concept kit

Rounding off Week 4 Part 2 is Real Madrid. This is our third capital city representation of the piece, and like the Arsenal kit we have some breathtaking gold details. The dark greys and blacks are a wonderful compliment to the gold, especially for the way it allows the retro Real crest to pop. 

The retro feel continues through the pattern, which borrows elements from famous buildings across Madrid including the classic Cine Dore. In a lot of ways the shirt feels like a fusing of old and new, as we see the Jordan logo and Nike’s trademark side detailing injecting a more modern take on proceedings. Given the tasteful and timeless colour scheme though, it’s a coming-together which works. 

So there we go, we’re 8 shirts into our 12 shirt final week special! Check back with us for Week 4 Part 3, and let us know what you think of these shirts over on Twitter and Insta.

Shoutout as always to designer Cenk Ünal for these shirts. Be sure to follow him on Instagram for more stunning concept kits.

Phil Delves

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