Fans can’t get enough of this redcurrant 2020 Arsenal home shirt concept

‘What if’ scenarios are always a great idea for concept designs, and in a throwback to the 2000s, @xztals – real name Andy – has given us a glimpse of how the famous Arsenal redcurrant shirt of 2005-06 could look if it came back today with his own Arsenal home shirt concept.

Designed by Nike, the top was worn for just one season to mark Arsenal’s final year playing at Highbury. Since then, it’s classic dark colour and gold features instantly evoke images of Thiery Henry, Robert Pires and Denis Bergkamp combining for Arsenal. Let’s see if this concept lives up to the original!

The design

The colour of this Arsenal home shirt concept is an instant standout, with a move away from Arsenal’s traditional light red and white colours to a much darker colour, named ‘redcurrant’ by the shirt’s designers Nike. 

The inspiration for this colour comes from Arsenal’s kits from their first seasons playing at Highbury in the early 1900s, in which they wore a similarly dark red, which itself was inspired by Sparta Prague’s colours. 

Gold highlights were also used on the 2005-06 jersey, and combined surprisingly well with the ‘redcurrant’ colour. While not as prevalent on this concept, the thin gold trims on the sleeves and Nike lightning stripes are a pleasant nod to the top’s inspiration.

Meanwhile, the shaded striped pattern cutting across the top could have been influenced by some of the supposedly leaked pictures of next season’s Arsenal top, which show a similar zig-zagging pattern. The mix of light and dark shades help to break-up the shirts colour scheme, as well as a more modern look than the plain colour use seen in 05-06. 

Finally, the concept moves away from the 05-06 design’s use of a lipped-collar in favour of a crew-neck collar that is more in-keeping with the recent Arsenal releases. The use of white for the collar, sleeve trims and lightning side trim also keeps with Arsenal’s traditional kit colours.

Will we ever see the redcurrant shirt make a comeback?

With adidas having brought back Arsenal’s famous bruised banana away shirt last year, we could well see the return of a redcurrant top in the future!

For me, it would be hard to beat the original 05-06 offering, but Andy’s concept would be a great starting point for any such design. Would you like to see this design make a comeback? Tell us in the comments section below!

Who is @xztals?

Andy is a graphic designer who has released some great concepts in recent weeks, including a Barcelona x adidas concept we covered previously. This Arsenal piece, along with the Barcelona design, are a part of a run of recent concepts he has put out looking at ‘what if’ scenarios for different football teams and their kit providers. To see more, check out his content on Twitter and Instagram

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