These black and pink Jordan x PSG concept kits are perfect for Paris

If you’re anything like us at the Football Shirt Collective, you’ll have spent the last five weeks obsessed with Netflix’s brilliant Michael Jordan Docuseries, ‘The Last Dance’. To celebrate the release of the show’s final two episodes this week, we wanted to look at a concept incorporating the famous Air Jordan brand, and their collaboration with PSG

The design

We have chosen to look at @saintetixx’s (who we’ve featured before) PSG x Nike Hyper Pink concepts, which is a collection of four different PSG shirt designs. Each shirt is made up of black and the eponymous hyper pink colourways, but they are swapped and used inversely on each shirt. 

This means that within this collection of concepts, you get either a dark shirt, with eye-catching pink features, or an all pink shirt that highlights its features in black. Whatever the combination, the two colours work really well together, and are especially fitting on shirts representing a city with such a strong association with fashion and beauty.

Staying close to a classic PSG design, saintetixx has also included a thick line down the middle of two of the concepts, while leaving the other two blank. The thick line breaks the top up nicely, and allows the shirt sponsor logo to blend into the top more.

Across all four of the shirts there are smaller features that Nike have been rolling out in several recent designs; the Nike lightening trim on the sides of the shirts always add a retro look to any shirt they are used on, while the v-cut in the collar is a really subtle but interesting design feature. We have already seen it used on recent Nike releases for the South Korea and China National Teams.

And of course, the classic Air Jordan Jumpman logo looks great on any shirt!

What is your favourite Jordan x PSG Concept?

The Jordan x PSG collaboration feels like a watershed moment in kit design, as it incorporated a mix of cultures from football, basketball and fashion to create a range that fits in on the street as much as it does on the pitch. The result has not only been a collection of high-fashion pieces and football kits, but also the production of great concept designs inspired by the collaboration, just like this one from Clément.

Personally, I have a soft spot for the all-black design with pink highlights and line down the middle. It’s understated, while also drawing attention to the pink highlighted badge and Jumpman logo that signify the crossover between these two giants of world sport. But we want to hear which one you prefer! Tell us in the comments below!

Who is @Saintetixx?

Clément Thiery is a concept designer from France, and has a steady output of almost a new concept design everyday. However, the quantity does not decrease the quality, with his designs for teams across Europe’s top leagues all keeping a simple design that allows for some of the classic elements of these team’s shirts to stand out. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with his latest work. 

Matt Leslie

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