Get excited for the return of the Bundesliga with this 2020 Bayern Munich concept

This weekend marks the return of top flight European football, with 17 Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 matches taking place across Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 

To celebrate, today we’re going to look at not one, but three concept kits, all coming from teams in Germany’s top two divisions. Let’s get started!

2020 Bayern Munich home concept by @visilfer.99

@visilfer.99 has used a darker burgundy colour for this shirt, rather than Bayern’s traditional red. Finished with orange features for the three-stripes, collar and sleeve trims, this choice of colour is likely inspired by the kits worn by Bayern in their early years. A similar colour scheme was adopted by Bayern to celebrate the club’s 120th anniversary earlier this season.

Imposed on the burgundy are faded checkered stripes, which are subtle enough to keep the all-round classic look, while also providing a modern element to the concept. The design is topped off by another small, but subtle feature, with a German flag printed on the collar.

2020 Borussia Mönchengladbach home concept by @zephyros21

Next up, we have one of the teams challenging Bayern Munich for the Bundesliga this season, with the concept design coming from @Zephyros21. While always incorporating white, green and black, ‘Gladbach tend to be quite open with their home shirt designs. Some years they opt for horizontal stripes like in 2013-14, while this year they went for a gorgeous white top, with a fluid-like green and black pattern at the base.

The concept design, meanwhile, uses black and white vertical stripes synonymous with the club’s 1970s heyday. The frayed edges on the black stripes break the design up, while the stand alone green stripe running under the club badge ensures all of the club’s traditional colours are included. The shirt sponsor may interrupt the pattern slightly, but this is still unmistakably a ‘Gladbach shirt, and a great one at that!

2020 St. Pauli retro concept by @guspsonkevich

To finish off, we head down to Bundesliga 2 to look at this St. Pauli concept from a regular at Football Shirt Collective, @guspsonkevich. Pulling off a brown shirt design is never easy – just ask Coventry City fans – but in using three shades of the colour ranging from very light to very dark, Gus has incorporated the classic St. Pauli colours to good effect. 

This concept also pays homage to the culture of St. Pauli in two ways. First, the small band of linked skulls and crossbones running across the chest refer to the famous image which fans use to represent the club in both their home stadium and on away days. 

Secondly, the rainbow stitched onto the inside of the collar is a reference to the LGBTQ community, and signifies St Pauli’s culture of giving a football home to those without one through their campaigning and initiatives. 

Who will you be supporting this weekend?

Ahead of this weekend’s football, you might be looking for a German team to support? Well if none of these three concept kits have convinced you, then have a look at Phil Delves’ guide to which Bundesliga team you should follow based on their shirts, and let us know who you’ll be supporting in the comments!

Matt Leslie

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