A Boca Juniors concept kit like you’ve never seen before

Residency Week 2 – Americas

It’s time for another feast of creative goodness.

As you’ve probably seen, throughout May we’re showcasing the talents of designer Cenk Ünal as part of our new series called Residency. Cenk is creating concept kits for clubs across the globe, in the style of the NBA’s popular City Edition jersey line.

Last week we enjoyed designs for clubs in Africa, and today we’re travelling to North and South America.

Boca Juniors City Edition concept kit

Boca Juniors concept kit

Where else could we start, right? Boca Juniors kits are some of the most recognisable in sport, so it makes a lot of sense for Cenk to dip his toe in the Boca pool.

I’m pleasantly surprised to see a very different looking shirt here, and there are a number of fresh details to be found here. Firstly the grey colour of the base is inspired by the smoke and pyro that often fills the skies at La Bombonera, and this theme continues with nods to confetti in the various patterns.

We should talk about the central band also. In place of the usual solid block of colour is a cluster of blue and yellow squares with a paint-like effect, alongside grainier areas which again nod to confetti. The patchwork of colours ties into the famous buildings seen around the La Boca area of Buenos Aires, and of course this can also be found with the wordmark across the band (a feature I’m really enjoying in these Residency designs).

This is not the Boca Juniors concept kit I expected to see, but I’m very glad to have my expectations subverted.

River Plate City Edition concept kit

River Plate concept kit

Time to complete the Superclásico set! If you were with us last week, this River Plate concept reminds me of the Raja Casablanca design (which went down very well!), and it immediately grabs the eye.

I love the elements that are at play here. The base colour takes inspiration from River shirts of the past, but there is an injection of gold to spice things up. It’s really interesting to see the combination of a sash and three stripes across both shoulders, and I’m all about the way the three stripes line up perfectly with the end of the sash.

An old school crest and adidas trefoil give off serious retro vibes, and speaking of the crest the stylised of the club initials (Club Atlético River Plate) looks at home next to the “Buenos Aires” across the chest. 

Finally for this design, you’ll notice a series of subliminal ovals across the body with both the River crest and the year of their formation. The ovals shapes are inspired by the shape of the Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, rounding off what is a memorable concept.

New York City City Edition concept kit

New York City FC concept kit

This is a wonderful design, and quite possibly my favourite of a strong set.

The shirt takes heavy inspiration from the famous Chrysler building, and it’s a source which plays out beautifully on the shirt. The grey colour choice, which Cenk says was chosen to give that “gloomy New York vibe”, works well with the Chrysler building pattern, and the design also reminded me a bit of the Statue of Liberty.

Nike’s lightning bolt detail looks crisp in a black and white striped look, and the 90s Nike logo, NYCFC crest and New York wordmark for a light grey look. This commitment to the colour scheme is lovely, and it all helps to draw out the lovely “big apple” inside neck detail. That apple shines with what looks like a fingerprint design in the colours of the New York flag, and I’m really happy to see this sort of detail in an area which is often overlooked.

Flamengo City Edition concept kit

Flamengo concept kit

City Edition jerseys so often take their look from a particular city or state flag, and Cenk’s Flamengo concept here encapsulates that approach perfectly. The shirt is a direct tribute to the flag of Rio de Janeiro, and the cross design and colours immediately pop.

Within the cross itself, there is a texture that takes its look from the Selaron Staircase, a piece of art in the city. Speaking of textures, you’ll notice a subliminal wave pattern across the top portion of the design, as well as a subtle marl design for the bottom half. 

There are more subliminal details too in an area where Umbro shirts so often excel: the cuffs. You’ll also find this pattern across the back of the neck, 

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of these City Edition shirts. There are so many stories attached to each kit, and this week in particular surprised me in a few ways. A grey Boca Juniors concept kit doesn’t grab me on paper, but in reality it works in so many ways.

There’s much more to come. Cenk will be designing kits for the rest of the month, and there are of course some big continents left to cover. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the series.

Phil Delves

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