Fans are loving this 2020 Barcelona home shirt concept

Concept kit illustrator Xztals has dropped a new design for the 2020 Barcelona home shirt with a twist that is absolutely glorious.

This 2020 Barcelona home shirt concept imagines the shirt produced by Adidas, not Nike. Xztals add a twist on the iconic stripes with some geometric patterns instead.

Although we don’t think Barcelona will be moving to Adidas any time soon we would absolutely love to see Messi and co don this at the Nou Camp next season. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

If you’re a fan of concept kits check out our residency with concept kit designer Cenk Ünal. We’re asking Cenk to create shirts inspired by the NBA’s City Edition jerseys, and throughout May he’ll be covering a wide range of teams from across the globe.

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