This gorgeous Palmeiras concept has us pining for the 90s

Earlier this week we announced the launch of Residency, our new series which will bring you a boatload of top quality concept kits through May, inspired by the NBA’s amazing City Edition jersey range. 

These shirts will be created by talented designer Cenk Ünal, and to help get you excited I decided to look at one of his recent concept kits which captures the wonder of Palmeiras kits in the 90s, when the likes of Roberto Carlos donned the famous green.

The design 

The shirt’s main feature is the arrow pattern, which much like its inspiration (a 1994 Palmeiras shirt), sees the arrows overlap and clash in direction. The faded effect on these arrows gives the kit a grittier look, making good use of the dark green shade used for Palmeiras shirts in more recent years. 

While the 2020-21 Palmeiras shirt provider is Puma, Cenk’s concept reflects the Brazilian’s recent history with Adidas. This move might represent a deeper meaning in the design, with the faded three stripes on the arms and lower back of the top continuing the throwback to 1994, when Palmeiras tops commonly included white stripes. This is a great example of how a concept kit can combine ideas from past shirts with modern ideas and designs.

Finally, the detail in the stitching of the shirt also deserves a mention. The lack of contrast in the colour scheme of the top lessens the visibility of this aspect, but these small details can be the difference between a good concept and a great one. For example, the separated patterns on the arms or how the crew-neck collar only runs round half of the collar both add to the shirt’s realistic and professional look.

Who is Cenk Ünal?

Cenk is one of our favourite designers putting out content right now. As mentioned you’ll be seeing a lot more of his work throughout our new series Residency. In the meantime, you can check out some of his concepts on Twitter and Instagram

Matt Leslie

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