La Bombonera provides inspiration for this Boca away concept shirt

While Boca Juniors home shirts usually grab the headlines for their design and style, 2020’s away shirt release caught our eye with it’s Germany 1990-esque pattern through the midriff of the shirt. 

Perhaps inspired by this release, concept kit designer @guspsonkevich (Gus) has put his own stamp on the look, with a twist on the away design that brings in elements of Boca’s legendary cauldron of a stadium: La Bombonera.

The design

Both the 2020 away shirt and this concept are throwbacks to Boca’s 1985-87 away shirt, a precursor to Germany’s famous 1988-91 home shirt, with a ribbon design many people consider to be one of the best shirt designs of all time.  

For Gus’ design, the three zig-zagging blue-yellow-blue lines nod to La Bombonera’s unique stadium design, which has three regular tiered stands and one small ‘flat’ stand. This flat stand exposes the sides of the tiered stands, giving this uniquely Boca coloured pattern. It’s a design that stands out on the stadium, and it works just as well on a shirt!

There are further differences between the 2020 away shirt and Gus’ shirt, like the zig-zag lines themselves which are equal in width on the concept. The first of these cuts through a classic Boca Juniors badge from the 1950s, while use of the old Trefoil adidas emblem and a white crew neck collar with subtle blue and yellow trims finishes this classic look. A final throwback to the 1985-87 shirt sees the three coloured lines cutting through the right shoulder. 

Better than the classic Boca shirts?

It’s not always easy when you are designing a concept piece for a team with a shirt history like Boca’s, but we think @guspsonkevich hits it out the park with this away kit design. Are you a fan of the classic look he has used, or do you prefer the modern take in Boca’s 2019/20 away shirt? Let us know below!

Who is @guspsonkevich?

Gus is an Argentina-based concept designer who we’ve been following for a long time. His designs span the globe, and you’ll find a range of styles to suit every taste. Check out his Twitter and Insta to see more!

Matt Leslie

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