We’re still thinking about this blackout England concept kit

This week at The Football Shirt Collective, we’re asking you to share your favourite 3rd kits from around the world. It’s been a lot of fun to follow everyone’s suggestions, and whilst we’re on the subject of 3rd kits, a certain England concept kit that has been doing the rounds recently is still on our minds…

The design

The 3rd kit is always an excuse for designers and manufacturers to think outside the box, as we have seen with Nike’s 3rd kits this season for the likes of Barça, Chelsea and Roma, and designer @victorieux35 has taken the same creative liberty in his concept, creating a blackout kit for the Three Lions.

The blackout kit is rare – possibly due to a lack of visibility for sponsors on the top – but this concept shows how striking the design can be, even against the designer’s darker background. Closer inspection also shows the textured bumps in the middle and ribbing on the sides of the shirt. We have seen similar use of this in recent Nike international shirts to design patterns, such as the Tulip on the Netherlands Women’s Team’s shirt at last year’s Women’s World Cup.

Finally, for those of you not sold on a total blackout kit, coloured reflective features have been added for the badge, Nike swoosh and lettering. Despite the neon glow coming from these features, the changing colours and reflective aspects allow it to still fit in with the blackout design.

Could we see more blackout concepts in the future?

A concept kit really hits the mark when you can imagine it being worn in a game. This shirt was designed for a late kick-off, under the lights at a European stadium, Harry Kane leading the Three Lions out, flanked by Raheem Sterling and Jadon Sancho. For now, we might only have @victorieux35’s concept, but that is by no means a bad start! 

Let us know in the comments below if you’re a fan of the blackout design, and keep your favourite third kit suggestions coming in to us at The Football Shirt Collective. 

Who is @victorieux35?

If you check out @victorieux35’s recent output of concept designs, you’ll see that he likes to focus on away kits and 3rd kits, giving him more room to move away from classic designs, as with this England 3rd kit. The attention to detail on the features in his graphics are really mind-blowing, and he’s one we are going to be keeping track of in the future.

Matt Leslie

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