2020-21 Manchester United shirt: How accurate are the leaks?

This week a couple of photos of what social media users alleged were the 2020-21 Manchester United shirt appeared on erm… social media. 

How representative of the actual kits are they, though, and do Mancs have a reason to fear their club will soon take the field in a kit looking like a vintage sofa? Let’s take a look at what each of them will actually have to offer…

Home kit

What the leaks are showing

2020-21 Manchester United shirt as a red shirt with a weirdly shaped white collar and an abstract all over print in black and yellow.

What we know for sure

It’s red with white rather than the red with black seen on the last two United home kits, features white shorts and rumour has it white socks as well (NOT CONFIRMED). 

The pattern rumour originated from a fan ball posted on the Footy Headlines website which led to PES/FIFA modders making their interpretations of the kits – which then were remade by counterfeit sellers. It is not confirmed the kit will have a pattern on it yet – there’s no evidence pointing at it 100% happening. 

Leak accuracy: 30-50%

Away kit

What the leaks are showing

A military green shirt with either orange or white trim

What we know for sure

It’s a dirty sort of khaki brown, with a “hand painted” print all over it in black (design of the print unknown as of me typing this article) and pewter grey shorts and socks. For people not familiar with the term “pewter grey”, it’s a dirty charcoal grey that looks brown-ish under certain lighting.

We don’t know what colour the branding on the kit is yet – signs point to it being white but that’s not confirmed.

Leak accuracy: 20-25%

Third kit

What the leaks are showing

A white/black “dazzle camo” shirt with a red collar and red sleeve cuffs

What we know for sure

It’s a white shirt with a black “dazzle camo” print, but one less abstract and larger than what we see on the leaks. The Manchester United crest should be red and white, but there probably won’t be a lot of red apart from that.

Leak accuracy: 65-70%

In short, Manchester United fans, don’t worry. Your kits next season won’t be as bad as Love Island – will probably be as mediocre as the last couple of Star Wars movies instead. 

We’ll bring you all the latest news on United’s new kits as we get it. In the meantime, go and check out the various Red Devils kits we have available in our store.

Jack Henderson

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