Meet the man whose Chelsea football shirt concepts are better than the real thing

Welcome to the next instalment of Good Designer.

Last time we travelled to Argentina to celebrate the work of Gustavo Psonkevich, and now we take a trip over to France to enjoy the work of Clement Thiery, better known as @Saintetixx.

Clement’s concepts have a wonderful consistency to them, and it all starts with the particular mockup that each shirt is decked out on. It may seem like a small thing, but too often good designs are wasted on a sub-par mockup whereas Saintetixx’s designs, by contrast, are elevated each time by the way they’re presented.

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But of course, the mockup is only the start of the story. From a design perspective, Saintetixx is a master at creating kits which have a high level of class.

Bolder, crazier designs are very much still in his locker but for me, it’s the understated kits that shine brightest. A classic example is a recent concept design for Clement’s native France. There’s nothing busy about the look, but we are instead treated to a thoughtful aesthetic which blends ideas from a variety of previous France kits, creating a masterful finished piece.

I also really enjoyed a series of kits celebrating French National Day, where Ligue 1 teams were given the blue, white and red treatment with Nike designs that resemble the brands best kits of the 90s. There are glorious sleeve patterns everywhere and it’s everything I like in a good shirt.

Last but not least is Clement’s Chelsea x Nike collection. I’ve enjoyed a lot of what Nike has brought to the table for Chelsea, but Saintetixx’s take is stunning and in many ways better than the real thing.

You can see more of Clement’s work over on his Twitter.

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